Cameroon student in ukraine.

by bounoungou albert parfait
(Kharkov, ukraine)

befor any student travel from Cameroon to ukraine , he should take time before handling monies to any one because manies come here and get frustrated: ie

no job for student, no way to pass, just by asking visa that is even more difficult than in cameroon.

take time and talk with the schools autorities, if you are invited ask the name of the school , and make searches on the internet if every thing is in russian language copy and translat it in google.

there is no invitation for 500 000fcfa , they cost 14 000 fcfa. bye your tiket yourself, at the airport give your monies to no one when you arrive you can pay in the school.

please contact us for more information. when you arrive here, even befor we are represented in the Land to help our brothers and sisters

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