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Cameroon Touristic Attractions.

You will find that Cameroon touristic attractions are many:

wildlife, parks and forest reserves; landforms, dispersed throughout the country; awesome beaches, in Limbe and Kribi; entertainment, music and local movies; and a lot more.

Plenty to do and see here in Cameroon.

You will soon find that this little West African nation provides you with most, if not all, of the African continent's attractions.

This gives it the designation of Africa in miniature.

How much time do you have? What are your hobbies and interests?

Are you a wildlife/nature lover?

Perfect. With over 300 mammalian species, Cameroon is home to lots of natural reserves and international conservation efforts. What flora or fauna are you interested in?

Gorilla in Cameroon National Park, West Africa" title="Gorilla, Cameroon - A singing (Praying ?) Western African Lowland Gorilla in Cameroon, West AfricaGorilla, Cameroon - A singing (Praying ?) Western African Lowland Gorilla in Cameroon, West Africa

You name it: Black Rhinoceros, Western Lowland Gorilla, Water bucks,

African Buffalo, Red-fronted Gazelle,

Topi, African Wild Dog,

Lions, Egyptian mongoose,

Spinner Dolphin, yes Dolphins,

Egyptian fruit Bat,

Western Gorilla, Chimpanzees,

Drill, Senegal Bushbaby,

African bush Elephants and lots more.

The list is endless and Cameroon can be your one-stop tour of all these species.

Where to find them?

Start out at the national parks:

  • Waza National Park.
  • Located in the Far north of Cameroon, this park is Cameroon's famous park and a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Waza National park is home to over 300 species of birds, lions, elephants, giraffe, antelopes, gazelles and lots more making it part of Cameroon touristic attractions. It is open from 15th November to 15th June. If you love Lions, you will have a better chance of seeing them in April.

  • Korup National Park.
  • This is the largest and most famous project ever by World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF). Korup national park has the largest tree specie of any rainforest. It is of interest to United state's National Cancer Institute for the plant Ancistrocladus korupensis for its fight against AIDS

  • Other nation parks
  • to consider visiting are Benoue Park, Bouba Ndidah Park, Faro Park, Mozoz Gokoro, Campo Ma'an Park.

  • Consider also the following natural reserves which make up Cameroon touristic attractions:
  • Bafia, Campo, Dja, Djerem, Douala, Edea, Kimbi,, Lobeke lake, Mbi Crater, Ossa lake, Pangar-Djerem, Santchou

Cameroon Sports - Soccer.

Love Sports? Soccer is a world famous Cameron touristic attraction. While here try Soccer (Football as they call it).

Soccer is a national "religion" in cameroon. More so with the national team.

Hope to visit during a lead competition: the African Nations Cup, FIFA world Cup or the Olympic games.

See how the entire nation is united - rich and poor, regardless of political affiliations, gender, or religion.

More like the US Super Bowl, just on a larger and less commercial scale.

Known to the world as one of the best soccer nations, Cameroon's Indomitable Lions (Cameroon's National Soccer team) are truly such - the best. With high profile players from the local clubs, to European, Middle Eastern and Asian based professionals in its ranks, Cameroon is set to fulfill its dream of winning the FIFA World Cup sometime soon.

Be sure to play soccer with the locals. It is a great way to get to meet, mingle and make friends. Check out the venues and sport dates. Get a ticket to witness some of these memorable games.

Learn more about Cameroon Sports and Cameroon sporting stadium and Palais du Sports

Memorable places to visit:

Historian, geographer or you just love to connect with the past? Check these Cameroon touristic attractions:

  • Lake Nyos Cameroon.
  • One of only three (thankfully only three) lakes in the world known to display the phenomenon of large-scale asphyxiation. On August 21, 1981 this relatively small lake unleashed poisonous gas killing close to 2000 locals. It is an area of active research and interest in the world, attracting many students and scholars.

  • Douala, Cameroon.
  • With its ever busy sea port, road networks to various central african nations, railroads, and airports Douala has always been a business hub for the entire central african states. Heavily used by slave masters during the slave trade, followed by colonial masters and now commercial business giants for import and export to central african region. Visit Akwa, Bonaberi, Bonamousadi or Bonapriso.

  • Yaounde, Cameroon.
  • Being the political Capital of Cameroon, Yaounde enjoys a special place in this nation. Visit the The World Bank and its famous PIC Cameroon project, Unity Palace, Star Building, Centre Pasteur (The Pasteur Center) and lots of colonial buildings. Touring Yaounde gives you a sense of Cameroon's past and its future. The mix of modernity and historical past is very evident.

  • Mundemba, Cameroon.
  • Visited by Prince Charles and famous Lady Diana of Great Britain, it is known for its hanging bridge and is home to the Korup National Park, a World Wide Fund For Nature's most famous and largest endeavor in our times.

  • Others Cameroon touristic attractions include:
  • Far North, Cameroon: Garoua & Maroua, Home to Waza Nation Park and the lake Chad basin.

Cameroon Summer Beaches.

Love summer beaches?

Cameroon touristic attractions include two major beaches, each with unique features:

  • Kribi Beach.

  • Kribi Beach- known for its unique white sandy beaches and rich cuisines. An awesome view of the waterfalls Chutes de la Lobé.

  • Limbe Beach.

  • Limbe - known for its black sandy beaches, view of atlantic ocean, view of Malabo (Capital city of Equatorial Guinea), SONARA - Cameroon' oil refinery, and awesome lava landforms from Mount Cameroon eruption.

Cameroon Souvenir Shopping.

Shopping. Love to shop? Check out the Cameroon tourism souvenir shops. Got to remember this Cameroon.
Share your cameroon touristic attractions excitement and experiences with family and friends through these unique gifts

  • Cameroon Dresses.
  • Dresses are very traditional, colorful and stylish.

    Each ethnic group has its own dress style.
    With over 250 ethnics groups , you got plenty of options to choose from.

  • Cameroon Jewelries.

  • Jewelries- Hand made and symbolic. From necklaces to hand bands, earrings, chains and ties, yes elegant wooden ties for men's suits. All handmade, elegantly designed and crafted to capture your imagination and leave you perplexed.

  • Cameroon Sculptures and Handicrafts.

  • Handicrafts and Sculptures are very popular souvenir items here and great Cameroon touristic attractions. Sculptures of lions, elephants, people, places and events, you name it. Professionally handcrafted.

Cameroon Music - another Cameroon touristic attraction.

Cameroon is a hotbed of music.

Ever heard of Makossa? ooh, maybe the stuttering variant from world renowned Cameroon born musician Manu (Emmanuel) Dibango:

ma ma ko, ma ma sa, ma ko ma ko sa .

Makossa means "I dance" in the Douala tribal language in Cameroon.

Originating in the 1950s this is classified as the first disco record ever. It is based on Manu (Emmanuel) DIbango's "Soul Makossa"(1972).

This cameroon music has influence world musics giants such as :

Michael Jackson, Singer Rihanna, Eminem, Back To Basics, BloodHound Gang, Chico Science, El Chojin, Quami De La Fox, Jay-Z, Wyclef Jean, MC lye, Poor Righteous Teachers, Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz, Kool Moe Dee, A Tribe Called Quest.

Make no mistakes, Cameroon's musics neither starts nor ends with Makossa or Manu Dibango. For instance Andre-Maria Tala, blind at age 15, had a strong influence on James Brown during his 1973 tour of Cameroon. James Brown is now known (2009) to have Plagiarized Tala's album.

With over 250 ethnic groups and each with its unique musics style, genre and subject you will have plenty to listen to.

During your vacation trip to Cameroon, be sure to take time out and enjoy the musics. You will find musics everywhere you go, and Cameroonians are very good at it too - singing and dancing. Read Manu Dibango's foreword to learn how musics is composed in this west African nation.

Hope you find these Cameroon touristic attractions exciting.

What do you think:
Is Cameroon Africa in Miniature or the World in Miniature?

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