Cameroon Visa - How to apply for Cameroon visa at Airport

by Mr Welisane McLouis

This process is shit. Excsue me to say it this way. I am a Cameroonian born Hungarian national with an EU passport. I have made visits to cameroon and to other African countries like Kenya, Morocco etc and found out how simple it is in other African countries to get a visa at the airport.

In Kenya for example at the airport you only need to fill the visa form and have a valid EU passport, then pay the visa fee of 40 USD.

No one ask you where you are going or even ask silly questions especially when you are an EU passport Holder.

In Rwanda, you can apply for their visa online. You will receive a response mail from the Delegation of internaal security approving of your visa. Then on arriving, at the airport your visa will e issued and you will pay the visa fee.

In Morocco, an EU passport holder does not need a visa.

Why in Cameroon all this lenghty process? There are many other simple processes that can be applied.

Why do Cameroonian immigration always look for ways to collect bribe?

Why does dual nationality not recognized in Cameroon?

Yet,other well developed countries recognize that for their citizens?

Cameroon is a disgrace I must say. sometime I feel ashemed when I have to travel with my little kids to show them where I am from and at the airport I get embarrassed as if I was not born in that country.

The reason why most successful Cameroonians living abroad find it depriving and very difficult to think of going back an invest.

Look at Kenyans, Nigerian, Ghanians, South Africans, etc, all these countries have their citizens investing back in their country because they are welcomed right at the airport when they arrived.

Yet, Cameroonian born EU national is treated at the airport as a foreigner, in his native land.

So I strongly believe the Cameroon visa should be made very easy to acquire at the airport especially for EU passport holders or any other Cameroonian born citizen of a different country or online to apply for and be collected at the airport.

Thank you.


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