Cameroon Volcano
Cameroon Volcanic Line.

Cameroon volcano is a result of Cameroon volcanic line (CVL). Cameroon volcanic line extends over 1600 kilometers consist of a string of volcanoes extending from Atlantic ocean (- from St. Helens, Pagalu, Bioko, Principe, and Sao Tome) to continental segment in Cameroon ( Mount Cameroon, Mt. Manengouba, Mount Lefo, Oku Mountain, Ngaoundere Plateau, Mandar Mountains Biu Plateau and lots more. ).

Map of Cameroon Volcanic Line. Cameroon Pics

Map of  Cameroon Volcanic Line.  Cameroon Volcanic Activity
(Credit: Dr. Isaac Injilah, Yaounde University, Cameroon.)

Mount Lefo, Cameroon. Cameroon Pics

Cameroon Mount Lefo - Cameroon Volcanic Line
(Credit: ebjornson)

Since Cameroon volcano go through oceanic - continental boundaries the are subjects o intensive scientific research and interest.

Prominent on Cameroon volcanic line is Mount Cameroon (aka Mt. Fako, Buea Mountain). Mount Cameroon eruptions occured in 1909, 1924, 1954, 1959, 1982 and 1999.

Aside of the Mediterranean, Mount Cameroon is the only volcano documented back to fourth century B. C. by 

Hanno from Carthage in North Africa (Tunisia).

Mount Cameroon, Cameroon Volcano. Cameroon Pics

Mount Cameroon Eruptions.  Volcanic Activity  on  - Cameroon Volcanic Line.
(Credit: Jean-Pierre Tchankoue, Yaounde Cameroon)

Other noteworthy consequences of Cameroon volcanic line are the deadly release of toxic gas by Lake Nyos Cameroon (1986 - killing 1746) and Lake Manoun Cameroon (1984 - killing 37). These lakes are part of what has been referred to as the world's three killer lakes. Lake Kivu being the third.

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