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Cameroon Vonn Construction Company - this is a scam
by: Anonymous

i have receive a job offer for this company vonn construction but they are asking for 200 euro to be pay for processing fee.

i didn't pay yet cause i was confuse for this company.

There is any people who already employed by this company.

Cameroon Vonn Construction Company Scam

Dear Reader,

I am happy to hear that you did not pay those scammers and hopefully you will not.

What legitimate company will be asking 200 Euros from future employees?

Be smart!!!


Vonn Construction is a fake company run by AMBE JOSEPH AMABO
by: Anonymous

Dear all,

I want to confirm, 100% that Vonn Construction
is a 100% FAKE Company!
Francis Adson do NOT exist!!!!
His real name is AMBE JOSEPH AMABO !!!

Best regards to All,


Need Help - Vonn Construction Companys
by: Asad

Dear Bro,

I also got the same offer from Vonn and also want to confirm it first.

Did you got any info about the company so far or not and did you join it or not.

Please help me. my email id is

asad_ullah_khan036 @

Response to Need Help - Vonn Construction Companys

Dear Asad:

This is a scam, period.

Vonn Construction Scammer
by: Anonymous

Cameroon Today is doing a great service to wider
world audience. Keep it up!

Cameroon should be for greater good not scamming.


Response to Cameroon Vonn Construction Companys real or fake?

Dear Axel:

Again many thanks for the encouragement. Greatly appreciated.

Visit us some more.


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