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Shopping centers in Douala, Africa City.

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Shopping Stores in Douala City.

Cameroun Douala Markets & Shopping

When you get to a typical African market in Douala, you may think the whole world is gather there. Literally beaming with hundreds of hundreds of people, its hard to imagine how transactions get carried out in such crowds, hustle and bustle at its peak.

As is the case with all major cities and crowded places of the world, such crowded settings are an attraction for pickpocketers and Douala is no exception.

Some of Cameroun Douala 's most popular Markets

  • Marché de Lagos
    (intersection of Rue de New Bell and Rue Congo Pariso)

  • Marché Central
    (Douala Central market located at the intersection of Rue de New Bell and Rue Congo Pariso close to the Akwa Shopping centers)

One of the biggest African style markets in Cameroon and the entire sub-saharan region of Central Africa.

The Douala Central Market holds thousands of shops and store with traders from all over Africa.

Prominent amongst these traders are Cameroon, Benin, China, Mali, Nigerian, Togo, Lebanese, Koreans, Moroccans, Senegal and several others nations.

All items of interest can be found at the Douala Central market - household appliances, electronics such as cellphones, cameras, television screens…, textile, leather products, groceries and countless others.

  • Marché Congo
    (Congo Market at Entrée Camp Bertau consisting of clothing and carpentry work)
  • Marché De Sanaga
    (Marché De Sangara)
  • Marché Eko
    (Sale of household goods to fashion accessoceries)

  • Marché Bobbi
  • Score -
    A typical Supermarket model in western fashion. Get European and American goods here.
  • Marché de Fleur
    (off Ave Charles de Gaulle)

Sale of crafts work - wood carvings, masks, african wooden drums, special designer tabelcoloths stone jewelries

  • Avenue Ahmadou Ahidjo
    - sale of luxury items. World renown brand store names are located here
  • Place de L'Independence
With its famous Lagos Market, the Place de L'Independence is a bee-hive of activities. Buzz with traders and buyers from all over central african nations. You will find many traders from Benin, Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries selling and buying in Lagos Market. Getting your beerings right and finding your way can be very challenging.

The Lagos market is your one-stop shop for everything - like a western shopping mall, just much more crowded and less organized.

Given the size of the market, we advice that you go with a local so you can get the best prices on the items you want and also find you way around easily

  • Sawa Hotel Boutiques -
    for luxury souvenir goods of Cameroon Africa.

  • Centre Artisanal de Douala
    (Ave Charles de Gaulle)
Centre Artisanal de Douala. Sale of Cameroonian artworks - sculptors, masks and various crafts. Has a good collect of arts from all cultures and regions of Cameroon. A good shopping point for arts lovers.

Expatriates Based Shopping centers in Cameroun Douala

Douala has a large selection of foreign stores selling imports from around the world.

These shops cater greatly to the large expatriate population of Douala, Cameroon. Be sure to stock up on valuable and most cherished items - cheese, dried imported fruits and vegetables such as grapes or mushrooms if you plan on going into the inlands of Cameroon, Africa.

Douala is your best chance of getting these items. Most of these shopping centers are concentrated in Akwa Shopping Centers due to proximity to the large foreigner base residing Bonapriso, Bonanjo, Akwa and the surrounding vicinities of Akwa.

Cameroun Douala stores and shopping centers mostly favored and frequented by expatriates and foreigners include:

  • Goodies
  • Mandarine
  • Leader Price

  • Mahima -
    Tunisian store with lots of American and European imports

bakeries and patisseries and Grocery Shopping

  • ETS Zepol
  • Choco Cho besides Ecole Dominique Savio de Douala
  • Goodies

Animal Products - Boucherie

  • Nourry
  • Charcuterie Du Littoral
    - get some Mozzarella block cheese

Services offered

  • Flower delivery Douala, Cameroon

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