CamWood Cameroon LTD - A Fake Company?

Cameroon Business

Cameroon Business

I have contacted a company called Camwood Cameroon LTD. to buy balsa


They have offered a fair price and good terms 50% now then 50% on delivery. I always search for information regarding new suppliers as I am spending my companies money.

Anyway I have found their name mentioned on several blogs saying customers of them have made the first payment and once Camwood received the money they immediately ask for the second 50% before they will send the goods.

One wrote they have been arguing for months to get delivery but Camwood will not have
the goods delivered under the original agreement and just ask for more money.

Another said he paid a deposit then got cold feet as the situation didn't feel right so just walked away. He also read other stories and said he was grateful not to have sent more money.

They also said many other things that have made me very weary to do business with Camwood Cameroon LTD.

Can you tell me if there is any way I can check out this company to see if they have a good trading record?
Are they real or fake?

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