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Staying in touch with friends and family is very important, especially when you are far far away from home.

Below is a description of how to call Cameroon from abroad.

When I first started out calling Cameroon i used to shop for best Cameroon phone cards or Cameroon calling cards to make Cheap Call Cameroon. 

My problem with phone cards to call Cameroon was that they had several steps i was required to go through to get connected: 


  • first there is the phone card dial in number - local or 1 800
  • selecting a language
  • Then the number number to enter
  • country code
  • then my friend's number
  • not to mention the one way conversation with that automated computer lady and the connection fee.

At the end of a call my average cost per minute was usually higher than advertise - varying from Orange , MTN and Camtel numbers plus connection fees. I could never figure out exactly what the true cost will be.

Calling Cameroon wasn't fun for me.

Facts about Rebtel

  • All new first time users get 5 minutes to call anywhere in the world for free.
  • Rebtel offers cheap long distance and international phone calls via your mobile phone.
  • Compared to regular telephone services and calling cards, Rebtel is up to 90% cheaper.
  • Rebtel has over 4 million users, and as such has enjoyed considerable success, and continues to grow strongly.
  • The Rebtel service requires no downloads, and no computers to use.
  • The Rebtel service is available in more than 51 countries.
  • A first time customer you will need to add a minimum of $10 as credit to your account.

Using Rebtel for easy cheap calls to Cameroon

I was introduced to Rebtel by a family friend, an IT specialist of Cameroon decent who lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. Usually i delete such emails but she wasn't one to send spam around, so i knew there was something special about Rebtel . 

I tried out Rebtel in 2007 and got hooked. It is the easiest imaginable way to call Cameroon. I make a cheap call to Cameroon directly from my cell phone with 1 push of the phone dial button, nothing more. I can call Cameroon from anywhere using my cell phone and don't have to carry numbers and pins along with me or dial endless numbers. I found Rebtel to be much better than using calling Card to Cameroon for Cheap Call Cameroon. 

How to Call Cameroon using Rebtel .

You register for free. Provide them your phone number, i recommend your cell phone for this, then give them the number of the person in Cameroon you want to call.

They will give you a local number in your area to use on the registered phone anytime you want to reach the person in Cameroon. All you have to do is store that number in your phone and voila - anytime you need to talk just push dial and you are connect - one phone button and that is it. A Cheap Call Cameroon. 

How Rebtel works

  • Sign up for a free account

  • Enter a Cameroon phone number as + 237 XXXX XXXX

  • Get a unique local number for your Cameroon friend or family

  • Save it to your phone. Just push the dial button of your phone whenever your want to call. Never visit the internet or dial any 1800 numbers

This worked for me so well that i have recommended it to all my friends.

What works for me may not work for you. So test the water before you pay anything.

Try Rebtel for Free before buying minutes

Call Cameroon for free. Sign up for the free 5 minutes call to Cameroon and try it out. Register your cell phone or home number and place your first call. If after completing the free minutes you feel the service is not as great as i think it is, just stop using it. Never pay a dime.

What about the cost of calls. This is where i got picky with Rebtel . The rates advertised on their home page for Cameroon is for Camtel numbers only. Keep that in mind. 

Click here to sign up for Rebtel Calls and try a free call to Cameroon. How do you make cheap call to Cameroon? Please as always share your experiences on making Cheap call Cameroon here. Use the form below. If you find some cheaper service to make cheap call Cameroon, share it forward, it us know. 

Tell us,

How do you call your loved ones in Cameroon?

Do you use Rebtel, Google Hangout or other services?

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