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Sep 18, 2015
Wow ! An Embassy indeed
by: Anonymous

When anyone goes to Embassy they expect a certain amount of services provided.

The Cameroonian embassy in Beijing is amazingly disappointing to all I`ve talked to.

With about 99.9 per cent saying F*****K.

Especially the lady who stamps documents that need certification.

This young fat F*****k seats on her fat ass and talks to like you are her shoe rag.

Even worse than that. She answers every question with a question giving you this smirking look(sourire en coin) as if you`re the most retarded person that ever worked this planet.

She seats in her office and watch movies while people who have traveled thousands of kilometers stand at the door waiting for her.
She does not give a F****k.

On the other hand you have people there like Mr. Tierry who has always been helpful.But that B***t should F**king get fired because she is completely useless,ungrateful and extremely mean to her fellow citizens who go there seeking help of any kind.

My God please forgive her for she does not know what she`s doing. Her office is on the second floor just at the end of the staircase.

I could keep on exposing her ill nature but I think almost all of you know her. All her colleagues are helpful but her.

By the way calling the embassy is a complete waist of time. They never answer the phone.

I hope something should be done for the embassy is home that we call sweet home but in Beijing, it is HELL!!!

I`ve been to many other embassies and I`ve always been warmly welcome except our own.

It`s like you go home and you`re rejected by your parents!!!

What a pity for us out here !!!

Nov 08, 2011
Cameroonian Community in China

Hello guys,
I m a cameroonian foreign expert in China.Some fellow Cameroonians and I have built an online community site that can help us comtribute ideas,support each other and build our country's image in China.

Just log on and resgister, together we can speak better

Jul 24, 2011
better no Cameroon embassy
by: Anonymous

well let it be there to enrich those working there not in the interest of its citizens.

Even those working there are out of home but the home doings are still full in them,talk less of when you call them or go there for any purpose.

The system is rot so until the rotten tooth is pulled out the mouth keeps on smelling.

Only to try your best in any way to do what ever you can do while in China or else-where and forget of the shit Cameroon embassy.


Jun 02, 2011
Cameroon Embassy In China - Current State of Affairs: Just Close it
by: Anonymous

Just close the embassy.

I see no need why it is there if it cannot protect and promote the good image of Cameroonians.

It cannot even fight well for the economic interest of Cameroon.

Certifying a document there is a problem.

I am presently in Cameroon to make a new passport. If the embassy cannot even do that for its citizens, then what is the need to have it there?

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