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by: Anonymous

Our aim is not for the President Paul Biya to leave now, but for him to make a peaceful transition, that would keep his legacy proud and for life, to be remembered by generations to generations.

I don't want him to rub his peaceful period of love, unity and peace into ruins when civilians go striking. Beside he is a man of peace and i will be disappointed if he has to resign in a shameful way like Mubarak, calling now international talks.

I hope you can see with me what i am saying here.

HE Sir, i hope you won't mind to make a new government that would not rub you to mud as you you have built a most peaceful nation Cameroon for 26 years in power as president.

by: Anonymous

Paul Biya Must Go Campaign; was created and developed by Voice Of Cameroon, to encourage persistent growth in numbers to influence vital changes ( put pressure on Biya to resign) in a corrupt government.

"Operation man no run Cameroon na we country" is the main driving force behind our organisation.

We are inviting people who truly believe in the EQUAL TREATMENT of others, to join our dedicated support unit, to STOP evil dictators from sacrificing our blood to the devils.

Cameroonians!, beware of the unknown", for they (Paul Biya and the CPDM party) are collecting arms (military weapons) to prepare themselves for the worse, should Cameroonians object his presidency.

Remember, Paul Biya is the man, who believe to be the king of our Cameroon.

Mr corruption,, we are ready for your challenge if you have one.

Voice Of cameroon is calling on the United Nations and human rights watch dog groups, to be present in Cameroon to help our citizens fight for their lives.

Paul Biya, we are begging you to step down and keep what you already stole from us or risk sparking flames that will not be easy to contain.

pas un ans de plus
by: pol


IL N 'ya pas en ce moment une veritable releve.

Vous etes vieux, 80 ans et 29ans de regne à ne rien faire .


by: Anonymous

When I take a stand and imagine the work Of HE Paul's wife,Chantal Biya,her contribution to nation building,her level of socialism to everybody both in and out of the nation,it breads a dark relationship between me and the Husband,HE President Paul.

What comes first in my mind is that:Is Mrs Chantal Biya more literate than the Husband?

Make a background check of Chantal Biya's foundation,and its contributions to nation building in Cameroon.Just her smile alone to everybody,breeds some comfort to the minds of angry Cameroonians.I am open here to say...''I have never seen Paul making a public speech and smiling''What a 'head of state'?

If leaders where like the Wife of Paul who looks into peoples' pressing issues,which even she does not have money,she at least visit them to know what they are passing through,though giving no solution.More grease to her elbows.

I want to use this time to tell Isa Tchiroma BAKARY, to think well before he can support a course,especially those related to embezzlement and corruption charges to the head of state.Because International societies have noticed him for that,and today rated in a Us MAGAZIN ''ATLANTA journal''as ''an illiterate communication minister of Cameroon with no focus in life''.A question..what is the crime committed by Lapiro,that keeps him in jail till now.

I see the Cameroonian Government as an ''Enemy of good things''
Government of the people against its people,an insult.Why is a country that has no waring neighbors spending more on military and recruiting more,with special training to fight civilians in an attempt for a protest for their destiny and that of their children,instead of making new reforms to enhance career oriented learning centres or Technical universities?

My dear Cameroonians,we are in the hands of a single person,but one day,nature will make a call for a just course to start.But why not like the Egyptians,than waiting the nature to ring its call?

Well I wish you well for 2011,My''heartfelt NEW YEAR wishes be extended to Chantal Biya and her Kids''

Don Nanje Atlanta USA.

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