CONGRATULATIONS FOR 38 years in Government service,with apparent peace

by Don Nanje
(Goergia, USA)

Paul Biya

Paul Biya

I have observed My Humble friend president Paul as a man of dognity and respect,Brave and tactful.

Very good in maintaining peace betweeb beligerent nations but very wild in maintenning peace within his country as he lways order his illitrate military men to open fire on civilians with life bullets,an attempt they always fear to go on with other nations,or contributing for world peace in waring faction.

78years old today,worked in the Cameroonian goverment for 36 years,with no achitecture to be remembered for,except the remnants Honorable Ahidjo left which some,he has converted to his name.Example his changing of the Ahidjo's stadiun to Omnisport, was not correct.

Secondly being president for 26 years,i will advise him to resign honorably to mainyain a legacy to be remebered for genertions ahead,something no African leader who are power mongars will never do

He makes promises he hardly fulfil,Here i would advise him to be truthful a bit.He is too mean to his citizens but loyal to foreigners,hence the idea of democracy questioned.

He is diplomatic in his dealings with the country's issues and problems. But, his turtous tricky diplomacy has kept Cameroon in a tight reign for behind him,lies a mass of people who hates his government(soon to go on strike b4 the election and prefer death for humanity sake) and now pushing gradually to ally with other African protesting nations,seeking in the back the assistance of major powers like US, Great BRITAIN, and ignoring France,a master piece nation for corruption.

Today,i am open to let hi know,France is seriously planning for his failure in OctoberThank you.

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