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Free Cameroon Consultation with  Donation. Learn more...

Free Cameroon Consultation with  Donation. Learn more...

Our primary mission and focus is to provide you with the most up to date, accurate and honest Cameroon information in a professional manner.

No doubt your frequent visits to our site is a testimony to the quality and quantity of information we provide free of charge to the general public.

We however do understand that you may have unique questions, concerns and interest about Cameroon, Africa that you want a professional expert answers on.

For instance,

  1. Investigate Your To-Be Cameroon Business Partner or Business Deals.
  2. Cameroon holds tremendous business opportunity for the savvy investor. Profit margins are unmatched given that you have no really competitor in whatever sector (raw materials or otherwise..) B

    However being scammed, even once, is the fastest way of getting you out of business and leave you bankrupt.

    Given their limited resources there is little third world governments can do to stop scammers from operating within their borders.

    Use the form below to book a conservation with our expert on the ground in Cameroon.

  3. Find out the legitimacy of your business partner.
  4. Crosscheck Contact information of any Cameroon company, individual or contact before you go about doing business with them.
  5. See if the company is popular or just a scam
  6. What is the companies record on treating its employees fairly?
  7. get this and more. Avoid scams and help us stop scammers before they hit you
  8. Cameroon Travel Guide
  9. For Cameroon vacationers and travelers, you may just need further Cameroon travel related questions.

    Not all questions are answered here and we recognize that. So use this form to get detailed information tailored to your needs.<

This service page is for you. Make good use of it.

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While we decided not to charge ridiculous upfront fees (~ US $500 + ) as other similar service providers do, we GREATLY appreciate your generous donations in support of our work. Thank You.

Reserve a Service session with a Cameroon expert on any topic or concern of yours.

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I will be very pleased to tell you my story if i had one, but not really. I wish to get in contact with the minister of communication,mister Issa …

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