Cameroon Credit Cards and Debit Cards Usage.

Although cash is king in Cameroon, increasingly credit cards

are being accepted in limited businesses in Douala and Yaounde.

For example bakeries,


select hotels have electronic credit and

debit card processing units for their businesses.

 Credit Cards
Credit cards are now commonly used in Cameroon banks and businesses. Photo courtesy: andresrueda

You could also use your 0 APR business card credit for withdraws at local ATMs in Cameroon.

These too are very popular and can be found in any major bank branches nationwide.

Visa card accepted are the most popular and widely accepted cards in Cameroon.

Increasingly, the use of credit and debits cards are becoming more popular in Cameroon due to its ease of use, securities and bank guarantees.

Also, credit cards are very easy to obtain nowadays.

You find 0 APR business card credit with to no bank guarantees.

 Cameroon business Credit Cards
Cameroon business now accept credit cards for its ease of use and security. Photo courtesy: orphanjones

Master Cards are not as popular.

We recommend you have a visa card if you plan on using your credit or debit cards in Cameroon.

Major cameroon banks process these cards. Check the list of local banks in Cameroon.

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