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Importing from cameroon
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir
I am having business communication with the following company for importing in cameroon. I have asked them to provide sample for which they are charging.
Kindly let me know if the company is genuine or fake.

Marco Venture CMR
Ancien Route, Bonaberi, Douala , Littoral
Phone: +237680338150 Fax : +237233113255
Ref no. - TPPRR.RC.KO.2000A.009

Windsor Gold and Metal LTD. Trading Company
by: James

Please verify below company registration information

I got this company information to trade the product. Please verify company registration data.

Name: Windsor Gold and Metal LTD.
Trading Company
Register date: 1994/Feb/3
Address: Bertua

Company certificate does not have any person name.

Please verify this data.

Thank you so much.

-James Kim


VAT number
by: Anonymous


We are about to start to do a business with a company from Cameroon.

They want to order a huge quantity of our products. They have already gave me the VAT number.

Is there any possibility where can I chceck out if this company is legit? Are there any websites?

Thank you so much!

---------RESPONSE BY ADMIN-------------

Dear Reader,

Kindly provide us with company information, contact details and VAT information provided to you.

Beware! Whatever you do, do need send money or goods without full payment settled in your account

What Do You Want to Buy From Cameroon
by: Anonymous

Hi to every one,

We are writing you from the the cameroon trade union representative,

Please do informed us any product or cargo you want buy from cameroon and we shall let you informed of the right company to trade with,

Take note there are many fake company in cameroon and Africa in hole.

So make sure you check and verify with us before buying from this end.

Verification office:

Import and Export Trade Union

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