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Batiramma constructiom
by: Anonymous

I am also getting this same mail it true or fraud ???

by: Anonymous

I received same letters i'm from South Africa it's scam

this was send to me- its a scam from Recruiting Officer Dominic Rateb Batirama Constructions company Ltd
by: Anonymous

Dear job applicant,
Thanks for the interest in our job offer. Our
construction company is a big world wide construction company
(Batirama Constructions company Ltd). we have many construction
projects around
the world . Presently we have been offered some construction projects
in Cameroon(Africa) to construct football stadiums, bridges,
skyscraper buildings, and to renovate an oil refinery. So that is why
we are recruiting skilled workers around Africa to come work in our
Projects in Cameroon. We are recruiting general workers like
bricklayers, builders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers,welders,
boilermakers, pipe fitters,mechanical fitters, truck drivers, crane
operators and others. You can send us your CV via our email address at

* Send us your CV for verification.

Yours Sincerely,

Dominic Rateb
Recruiting Officer,
Batirama Constructions company Ltd
Tel:0023777891814 / 0023790365176

Response to this was send to me- its a scam from Recruiting Officer Dominic Rateb Batirama Constructions company Ltd

Dear reader,

This is a scam, beware!!!


proof of accommodation
by: Anonymous

Hay there I had an expired passport and didn't had
the money to pay for my accommodation as soon as they wanted me to pay, so I wrote an email to them and told him that I will pay as soon as I got the money, his response was that I must send the proof of accommodation as soon as possible so that they can arrange for my work visa.

Not a word of the passport was mentioned again. I'm not 2 an expired passport is as good as not having one at all what can you do with that.

All he was interested in was the proof of payment. That made me think about what I was about to do.

New Scam - Arab Contractors Cameroon
by: Anonymous

Good Day,

We are from South Africa and have received the same email telling my husband he has secured a position with the above company and needs to contact the Victoria Guest House for the accommodation.

Being desperate for a job - we almost fell for this had i not been skeptical about the spelling and the fact that anything that sounds too good to be true = usually isnt.

Thank you for the forum, just such a pity they are creating such a negative vibe about Cameroon!

Almost gullible South Africans

Victoria Guest House Inc - Here is Another Scam from Cameroon
by: Anonymous

BEWARE!!! This is Another Scam i received from Cameroon.

We have gone through your CV and saw that you are qualified to
work with our company. In that case, you have been employed to work
with our company in Cameroon.Attached to this mail is your Employment
letter and Contract of employment.

Your accommodation during your first one month work will be your sole
responsibility (Booking & Payment).NB note that you have to book your
accommodation pay it and send the receipt to the company as your
proof of accommodation. (take this very important)

-Proof of Accommodation: Your can reserve an apartment from any state
recognized apartment company in Cameroon and forward receipt as proof
of accommodation to us.
Victoria Guest house Ltd. is recommended for its closeness to the company.

You can contact Victoria Guest House Inc for Reservation.

Victoria Guest House Inc
Address:28 kappa road down beach,Limbe
Email: victoria_guest_house @
Phone:(+237)56719533 /(00237)56719533

-Full-Time Contract: You will be moved into the company's residential
quarters upon successful completion of your first one month in the

*Flight: Round trip flight ticket provided to employee and 1 other
person (wife) only.You will need to forward the document of the person
you will be coming along with .
A company representative will receive you from the airport.

Please confirm your acceptance of this offer and forward the
following additional documents.

-Index page of Passport/Passbook
-Proof of accommodation
-Signed Contract
-ID card or Driver's license

We have attached your employment contract to this email and we will
also like to know from you when you will be available to start work as
this will also be endorsed in your contract.

All requested documents should be forwarded as soon as possible as
they are all relevant for the procession of your visa, your work and
resident permit. As soon as we receive these documents, we shall
forward your file to the immigration center for the procession of your
visa,your work and resident permit.The immigration center shall then
instruct the concerned Cameroonian Embassy to issue your Work Visa.The
Embassy usually gives special considerations to Work Visa applicants.

*Abiding to institution Terms and Conditions: See last article on
contract which will be sent to you.

Our dedicated team is here to advise you on every query. We look
forward to welcoming you to the Company.
Alexandrea Perez Chief Recruiting Officer
Arab Contractors Cameroon Ltd
this one n got is it also s scam?

Batirama Construction - Victoria Guest House Inc
by: Anonymous

Good day.

I am Brazilian and I got job offer from Mr. Dominic Rateb. But unlike the writing he told me to get myself a place to rent and I indicated the Victoria Guest House Inc, Address: 28 kappa road down beach, Limbe, Email: victoria_guest_house @ gmx . com, Phone: (+237) 77066873 / (00237) 77066873.

I sent an email to the company asking rental values ​​and I am waiting for the answer, so you send the blog.

Also send me the address of the company in Cameroon can be of help to you:

Is it a fraud all this?? and what happens already seen a long time the Cameroonian authorities should take action.


Response to Batirama Construction - Victoria Guest House Inc

Dear Sir:

As you must have read from other users , this is a scam.

That is not his real name, you will be asked to pay money for the housing, then more money and more, until you come to your senses.

My advice to you and all others, stop communication with these people before you regret it.


Does Batirama Construction Exist - This page was such a relieve
by: Anonymous


thanks very much I was about to go deposit money by tomorrow and applying of passport they even send me the employment letter and contract form wow

thanks a lot may

God bless

Response to Does Batirama Construction Exist - This page was such a relieve

Dear Reader:

Thank you very much for being so watchful and vigilant and doing your due deligence before any financial engagement.

As admin for comments like yours are what keeps me going on working on this site.

If you could please share the contract detail, scan and post it, we will be very happy to share it with others and stop these crimes.

God bless

Batirama Construction
by: Stef Snyman

Batirama Construction - What a load of BS.

I got an appointment letter and a letter of service from Dominic Rateb.

This IDIOT calls himself the CRO but he cant spell or string a proper sentence together. Wake up people, do not get scammed by this piece of sh&*t.

Cameroon Batirama Construction Company - job offer
by: Anonymous

thanks guys ,they nearly caugth me

Batirama seems to be a scam
by: Anonymous

Please assist

We are four people ready to leave for Cameroon and according to this blog it's a scam.

We did receive working permits everything just waiting for visa and air tickets.

Please HELP is it really a scam as one guy already resigned. I need all the help and proof please.

Hettie Peacock

Response to Batirama seems to be a scam

Dear Hettie:

Sorry to hear that you already made payments to these scam artists.

You DEFINITELY will never see a visa or ticket from them, they will only get back to you requesting more money for this or that reason until you wake up.



Batirama scam
by: Anonymous

They nearly cought my son with this scam, just before we deposited the money for his accomodation.

An employee of Absa internationel was very helpfull and google Batirama scam, there my fear of this whole situation was confirmed.

The guy who offered the job was Dominic Rateb

Chief Recruting Officer, Batirama Endg

Please do not deposit any money to them what so ever.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Response to Batirama Scam

Dear Reader:

The name of the recruiting person is not his real name.

The only time this crooks provide you their proper information is on the deposit accounts and its all the same person.

Please, for all our seeks and for that of Cameroon in particular, always provide the complete account information they are requesting you to deposit into.

batirama construction, job offers
by: wolfiplatsch

Thank you for your helpful comment, I also got a job offer.

The hotmail account instead of the company name and official account made me carefull.

They also do not have an office in Austria!

So this offers are a fake and just for phishing your passport data and taking your money.

I will not proceed whith those guys and none else should.

thanks once more.


Dear Mr. Wolf:

I am very glad i could be of help to you and certainly SAVE you time and money too.

Please visit us soon.

Best regards

Batirama Construction
by: Anonymous

I have also received a letter of employment and a contract, starting date 13/11/2012.

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