Doing Business in Cameroon - Hibiscus and Herbal Teas

by Pattie Kelly
(RTP, N.C)

What type of commodities does Cameroon have.

I am interested in Hisbiscus, and other herbal teas.

Healthy Tea Healthy You

Response to Cameroon Business Opportunity - Hibiscus & Herbal Tea

Dear Patty:

Thanks for your interest in Cameroon. Hopefully, you find Cameroon helpful in your business pursuits.

Hibiscus is very common in Cameroon and can be found almost everywhere, without be farmed.

There are several tea factories in Cameroon also. During my recent visit to Cameroon, (2011) the locally owned Tea plantation popularly known as Tole Tea was bought by a foreign (USA?) company for unbelievably cheap sum, less than USD 0.5 M

For foreign investors, the margins can be very lucrative but finding the right partner is the main issue here.

My advice will be for you to do things the old fashion way, if you have the patience:

  • Make contacts with your embassy in Cameroon,

  • Visit Cameroon on a business visa

  • Buy land and grow the herbs you want

I would strongly advice against any partnerships, since everything you receive will 99% of the time be fake.

Let me know if there is anyway further I can be of help to you.

All the very best
All the best

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