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The Lycee Dominique Savio of Douala, Cameroun is a French educational academy

comprising four cycles of studies -

Dominique SavioDominique Savio Douala

Cycle Structure

  • a Kindergarten,

  • Elementary grade school,

  • a middle school and a

  • high school cycle.

The school consists of three (3) sites in Bonapriso area of Douala - next to the French Consulate, another site next to SNEC Douala, and a third site by Marché de Fluers de Douala.

The school is setup to strictly comply and follow the standards set forth by the National Education board of France.

It is headed by a Principal under the supervision and guidance of the Cultural counselor to the French Embassy in Yaounde, Cameroon.

While the main language of instruction is French, the students are also given an opportunity to learn Spanish and German language.

Ecole Dominique Savio School of Douala has over 1000 students of fifteen different nationalities in the Douala area.

    Student Distribution

    • Kindergarten: 206 students, divided into 8 classes
    • Elementary School: 405 students in 17 classes
    • Middle School: 306 students in 12 classes
    • High School: 173 students in 11 classes.


    • French: 62%
    • Cameroonians: 23%
    • Other foreign nationals: 15%

    The Douala school was founded in 1972 by French government to educate children of its foreign citizens serving in Douala. 

    The Dominique Savio school is an exporter of unadulterated French educational system to over 120 nations of the world.

    The school is part of a network of over 266 such Dominique Savio schools operating in over 120 countries making a network under The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE )

    The Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE ) funded by the French government greatly subsidises (over 55% funding) these schools and directs the network of Domique Savio schools

    Noteworthy in the operation of the Domique Savio school system is the long standing tradition of active parental participation in the operations of the school.

    School Fees and Tuitions are set in Euros and range in the 3500.00 to 5500.00 Euros per academic year.

    For more about the the Lycee Dominique Savio, please contact the school officials directly at:

    Address: District Bonapriso
    BP 1007 Douala / Cameroon
    Tel / Fax: (00 237) 33-43-67-57

    BP 1007
    Bonapriso, DOUALA CAMEROON
    Tel.: +237 33 42 18 51
    Tel.: +237 33 42 74 82

    Service Stewardship
    Tel.: +237 96 61 78 83

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