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Douala by night

Douala nightlife are livelier than even those of Yaounde, the political capital of Cameroon, Africa.

Douala by night:

Full of local tropical ambience and a good collection of western nightlife themes, you will find just what you are in the mode for when it comes to entertainment in Douala.

Famous is Douala's Rue de la Joie (Street of happiness).

Rightly named so, this is the street thats full of nightlife in Douala with booming musics, dancing, bars and nightclubs operating till morning hours on weekends. Sort of like Little Italy on Canal Street in New York city or streets of the French quarters of New Orleans. You've got to visit!

Yaounde maybe the capital of Cameroon by day but Douala is the capital of Cameroon at night.

Beaming with quality night clubs featuring all genre of music and some live - Local Cameroonian musicians, African musicians and Western to Asian Musics.

See the listing below of some of the night clubs in Douala, Cameroon most frequented by Cameroon expatriates.

Night clubs & Bars in Douala

  • Pascal and Beatrice private bar
  • St. Pierre
  • The Broadway

  • Cabarat bars and restaurant services. Every night - all night musics of Jazz, blues R&B and countless African genre. This is located in Bonapriso, Douala Cameroon.

  • The Senat
  • Features live Jazz and authentic local Cameroonian foods. Its famously referred to by expatriates as Scotland in Africa and its lead by a Mills Davis-like musician player. Visit for a feel of the entertainment available in Douala.

  • The CLub
  • Features music from allover the world. An upscale entertainment center - few like it in Douala featuring pool tables, live musics, and much more. Douala by night

  • Mega Slots
  • As its name implies, this club features Casinos slot machines on its second floor, bars and a spcious dancing floor for its patrons. Douala by night.

  • La Cigale
  • Featuring live singers, musicians and performers from all over. La Cigale present you with a more relaxing atmosphere and a good feel of Douala in a nice environment. Douala by night.

  • Other Clubs
  • What is your best Douala club or entertainment activity? Why not list it here and share with future visitors of Douala city.

    Use the form below to tell us about you experience of Douala life

Movie Theaters

Learn about the history and deplorable present state of movie theaters in Douala and Cameroon as a whole.

Douala Restaurant & Eating Places

Douala has some of Cameroon's finest restaurants and eating places in Cameroon.

Coffee houses referred to as cafeteria line the street corners of Douala, Cameroon.

French style patisseries and bakery are common in Douala, locally referred to in English Cameroon as "Douala Bread" - really good stuff.

Some of the eating places preferred by expatriates are:

  • Mediterraneé Restaurant
  • Foyer du marin
  • Saga African Restaurant
  • Delice
  • - consider this your French-style Starbuck Cafe.
  • Harrolds
  • - quick food place.

  • Street corners
  • Although this option is very common in Cameroon, keep in mind that you should confine yourself to Bonapriso, Bonanjo areas else you risk eating poorly prepare meals.

    The vendors in Bonapriso, Akwa, and Bonanjo keep to very high standards as they are frequented by expatriates and westerns than local Cameroonians.

    For this reasons they keep their prices high relative to other areas but then provide very good quality service to their clients.

    Some of the dishes to try are inlcude Grilled Fish and Beer - visit Rue Joffre for this. Various Cameroon food - fresh and tasty.

Radio Douala

See the listing of Radio stations in Douala Cameroon

Sports Douala is host to an international Olympic Stadium located in Deido Bepanda a quarter in Douala, Africa.

Famous amongst several sporting institutes in Douala is the Kadji Sports Academy founded by Gilbert Kadji.

The Kadji Sports Academy has a formidable alumni include world star striker Samuel Eto'o Fils (Inter Milan, Real Mallorca, FC Barcelona, Internazionale), Carlos Kameni (Espanyo RCD), Eric Djemba Djemba (Machester United, Aston Villa) and countless others.

Many other sporting activities can be done in the Douala area. Check to find something you are comfortable doing and get a local to keep you company.

Learn about the French and English educational system in Cameroon

Learn about other local private, public and international schools in Douala, Cameroon

Learn about the French Lycee Dominique Savio of Douala

Learn about the University of Douala, Cameroon

Get an overview of the most expensive African city, Douala Cameroon.

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