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Overview and location of city of Douala.

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Douala (Doula) is the name of the major  coastal city of Cameroon Africa located on the banks of the Wouri river off the coast of the Atlantic ocean.

Politically, Douala Cameroon is the Capital of the Littoral province of Cameroon, making Douala a provincial capital city.

Douala for centuries has been a melting pot of African cultures and traditions.

Douala Cameroon, Africa is a choice destination for leisure and business travelers.

Douala refers to both the natives (Douala tribe), the land of Douala and the rhythmic tribal dialect or language of the area (Doula) - famous used in Cameroon's unique musical genre, Makossa.

Due to its strategic location Douala holds a cherished position in Cameroun and the central african sub-Sahara region as a whole.

Douala serves the region as the port of entry for goods and military equipments to Chad, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo Congos, and most of the eleven member of CEMAC

([French] Communauté Économique des États d'Afrique Centrale (CEMAC); [English] The Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS)

- an Economic Community of the African Union for promotion of regional economic co-operation in Central Africa) regional nations.

This has made Douala city the riches city of all 11 member nations of CEMAC countries.

Douala Cameroun is the riches city economy in the region of CEMAC 11 member nations. With an active seaport mainly used for the exportation of oil, Cocoa, coffee, timber, metals and fruits, Douala's economy derives much dividend for such mass export and import transaction.

Douala, Africa city - History

First foreigners to the Douala region were the Portuguese in 1472, according to Douala Cameroon history.

By 1650 the tribe with native language of Doula migrated toward the coastal region from the inlands, settling in the present day Douala region.

The Douala people quickly assimilated the western way of life, blending it with the Douala Cameroon culture and tradition.

In 1800 Douala became an active transatlantic slave trade seaport for the shipment of slave to western lands.

The Germans then colonized the region and made Douala the Capital of German Cameroon (German Kamerun) and called the present day city of Douala Kamerunstadt. which till then was known as Cameroontown.

A famous dark spot in the history of Douala during this era was the Germans execution by hanging of the Chief and traditional ruling king of the Douala people, King Rudolf Douala Manga Bell (Rudolphe Douala Manga Belle).

Rudolphe DoualaRudolphe Douala Manga Bell

Rudolphe Douala Manga Bell - Traditional ruler & King of Douala Cameroon.

Executed by hanging by the Germans on 8 August 1914 in Douala.

Also executed on the same day by hanging was his personal secretary Ngosso Din. Both are famous Cameroonians

Rudolf Douala Manga Bell (1872 to 1914) graduated in 1895 from the University of Bonn in Germany with a Law degree.

He took over the throne of the Douala clan in 1908 as the supreme ruler with many sub-rulers.

His kingdom included the present day regions of Bonamandone, Bonapriso, Bonadoumbé and the Joss areas of Douala.

With the end of the first world war, Cameroon was taken from the Germans and made a trustee of the League of Nations which then divided and distributed Cameroon between France (80% of the land area ) and Britain (20%).

Douala Cameroon came under the French Cameroon and thus was governed by the French from 1919 to 1st January 1960, when Cameroon gained independence from the French.

Today Douala is still a strategic area in the central African region with a strong French presence and influence.

The economic crises that affected Cameroon in the 1990s saw Douala drop drastically in economic active and its glory faded so fast.

However with the current uptick in economic activities and governmental efforts to attract foreign investors to the region, Douala is slowly regaining its glorious status on the African continent and the world at large.

Douala now holds a stock exchange called, The Douala Stock Exchange (DSX).

Noteworthy amongst present investors in Douala, Cameroon in recent years is the massive influx of Chinese goods, funds and companies. Douala reported now looks forward to opening its first ever bus car assembly unit led by the Chinese government and Chinese investors.

Structure of Douala City - Quarters and Douala Places

Douala like most big cities is subdivided into quarters locally called quartier. Some of the most prominent are:

Akwa. Akwa, Douala

is the upscale nightlife quarter of Douala. Located at the center of the city of Douala, Akwa is referred to as the heart of Douala. Akwa is a prime real estate location in Cameroon. Holds elegant five star hotels, french style patisseries (Bakeries), nightclubs, Internet cafés, banks , gourmet restaurants and all you need to for a fun night out. A famous street in Akwa is the Boulevard De la Liberté - a one stop shopping street cutting Akwa into two half.

Bonanjo, Douala Cameroon - the commercial and administrative district quarter in Douala. Most businesses and government services are centered in this district, including Airline offices for all your travel needs, and the main Douala central post office on Rue Joss.

Bonaberi - a mainly residential section of Douala. With a wide selection of housing options, Bonaberi as quickly transform itself from a mashy swamp to full city in its own right. Bonaberi is physically detached from Douala city by the River Wouri with the famous Bonaberi bridge connecting it to the main Douala city.

other famous sections of Douala includes: Deido Douala, New Deido, Bepanda, Avenue Japoma, Bassa, Nylon, New Bell, Bell, Bonapriso, New Bell Douala.

Other names of Douala City

Cameroon Town, Kamerunstadt (German Cameroon), Cameroon city, named Douala in 1907 and served as the Capital of French Cameroon for a short time from 1940 to 1946. Once the Capital of German Cameroon.

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