Douala Cameroun West Africa
Population make-up and Standard of Living.

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Population make-up

Douala's population of over 3 million inhabitants consist of the local indigenous Doula people, Cameroonians, and a large expatriate community:

French, Lebanese,

Americans, Chinese,

Koreans, Moroccans, etc.

Most engage in petroleum exploration and the marketing sectors.

Douala population comprises of over 150 ethnic groups from allover Africa.

The most notable ethnic group of Douala are the Bamileke - the Commercial giants of Douala Cameroun at large.

The home building sector, energy, drinks - alcoholic and non-alcoholic, textile, ingredients and much more are all control by the very hard working Bamilekes tribes of Cameroon.

The natives of Douala are more interested in Show business - a sector they have conquer worldwide.

From music to Soccer, native Douala youths are very gifted in these Show Business trades as they practice these from birth and are constantly surrounded by countless opportunities to participate and practice.

They also have an advantage in that their native language Duala, is one of the most rhythmic world languages.

For this reason, the Douala most cherish genre - Makossa is so popular that its been plagiarized by giants like Michael Jackson and countless other.

The other Cameroonian ethnic groups and the many African nationals in Douala are mostly engaged in small businesses popularly called "buy'em sell'em " while the government and civil service employs also a large range of the Cameroonian popular of Douala.

Each African migrant group have their business sector which they specialize in and several smaller businesses that support these groups.

The expatriate community of Douala is largely dominated by the massive French population, Americans and Lebanese nationals.

The French are engaged in all sectors of Douala businesses - Oil & Gas, Bakeries, Textile, Shipping, etc.

The preferred residential area of Douala for these expatriates are Akwa, Bonanjo and Bonapriso - with its large gated homes.

Sister Cities

The city of Douala Cameroun has signed affiliating agreements with the following sister cities:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA (1986)

Akhisar, Turkey.

Standard of living

Douala is the most expensive city to live on the continent of Africa as of 2009, followed by Lagos Nigeria at number 2 position.

The 2009 report of most expensive cities in the world placed Douala Cameroun at 24th position in the world, making it the most expensive city in Africa.

Walking the streets of Douala, the economic contrast is very clear.

Wealth is poorly distributed not just in Douala but in Cameroon as a whole.

The latest cars line the streets of Douala while more than 95% of the over 3,5 million inhabitants of Douala find it difficult to afford a taxi drop costing less than US $0.50.

Even those well educated, with a University degree, are paid US $100 to $200 monthly.

With no minimum wage regulations in place, the vast majority of the population are exploited to the advantage of the few worthy groups (1%).

Such extreme standards makes it very difficult for generations to get out of poverty. All it takes is for the main breadwinner to fall sick and the entire family - even extended family members are back to ground zero of poverty.

The main blessing for the population of Cameroon is its extremely rich and fertile land for agricultural activity. While money is important, agriculture reduces to the dependance of families on standard employment and thus diversifies the income stream of the Douala population, and Cameroon.

Given the fact that most Cameroonians are farmers, locally grown food items of very high organic quality are dead cheap and affordable to all.

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