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Free Cameroon Consultation with Donation

Relative to other cities and towns in Cameroon, Douala has some of the best public schools, private schools and international schools in the nation and the sub-saharan region of central Africa.

This is mainly due to the large expatriate population being able to afford such high quality education at high tuitions of 7 - 15 thousand US dollars per year per student for basic education at such elite private schools.

American School of Douala

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That is at least 5 times the annual salary of an average working Cameroonian with a university degree.

Famous amongst such elite institution is the American School of Douala, Cameroon; the Ecole Dominique Savio and other private institutions in Douala.

Douala also host one of a hand full of Cameroonian state run universities.

Université de Douala (University of Douala) is a general liberal arts college with an emphasis on business, law, marketing and sociology.

Douala follows the Cameroon education system.

It is very easy to find French, English or bilingual schools while in Douala although English schools are fewer.

The education systems is structured into a

  • Kindergaten
  • Primary school
  • Secondary
  • High School and
  • University education

From Primary to high school it takes 13 years for completion while university study is a three course.

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