Douala Transport Services.
An Overview of the Ground and Air flight Transport services in Douala, Cameoron.

Free Cameroon Consultation with Donation...

Free Cameroon Consultation with Donation...

Douala, Cameroon like most big cities presents you with many transportation options like no other cities in Cameroon or other sub-saharan African towns. See the various select Douala transport services options for the business traveller or the holiday vacationer to Douala Cameroon.

Business Travel Transportation Services in Douala, Cameroon.

Douala is used to the high level business people and has in place facilities and transport services for the business person.

Given that the priority of the business person is security, punctuality and good excellent appearances - for such we recommend using the following services in Douala.

Stepping out of this recommended business Douala transport services list will be wondering in uncharted waters - you could find gold or be in for a real frustrating life experience in Douala, Cameroon.

Thus for the business traveler we recommend:

  • Hire a Limo service
  • Hire a rental car and get a local driver
  • arrange with your hotel to be provided with a free or paid airport shuttle transportation service from and to the Douala international airport, DLA.
  • Use your personal business contacts person
  • if you need help making any Douala transport services arrangements contact us using this form for help.

Leisure & Holiday Travel Transportation Services in Douala, Cameroon.

Unlike the busy business traveler who can't afford to "stop and smell the roses", a leisure holiday vacation traveler to Douala would be more interested in discovering the city, the Sawa Douala people and their culture while playing it safe.

For the Douala vacation holiday traveler, we have listed below various transportation service options to consider.

Such as the popular Douala Yellow taxi cabs, the various bus services connecting Douala to other major cities of Cameroon Africa, the railway service sector of Cameroon (great value for your money), various car rental services in the city of Douala, Cameroon, and the flight services connect Douala to other Cameroon and African cities.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information about Douala transport services.

Douala Ground Transportation Services.

  • Douala transport services - Douala Yellow Taxi Cabs Service.
  • Getting around Douala is very easy. Douala has a very good transportation service system - its Douala Yellow Taxi cabs.

    Douala taxis can be shared for 250FCFA per person or you could, for comfort seek, paid for two sits rather be cramped in.

    A taxi ride to or from the Douala International airport will cost you FCFA 2500 to 5000. Be sure to bargain.

    Yellow Taxi Cabs - Douala transport services.

    Several forms of taxi hire exist and can be confusing to a tourist. Below is a great description. Also seek the help of a local to assist you.

    • Common taxi
    • share a ride with others from 250FCFA (0.5 US dollar). Just stand by the street and flag any yellow cab while shouting the closest landmark to your destination. The yellow cab heading your direct will stop and give you a ride for FCFA 250. Due to safety concern many tourist and expatriates avoid this form transportation. But for the locals, its is the way to go - they catch up on local news and gossips of the day.

    • Depot
    • You can ask for a "depot". With this option you pay about 1500 FCFA to 2500FCFA (about 5 US dollars) for a non-stop ride to your destination anywhere within the city of Douala, Cameroon. This is the option frequently use by tourist to get around the city.

    • Course
    • Use this option if traveling from one end of the city to the other or going to the Douala international airport. The cost is about 5000FCFA. Be sure to check.

    • Hire a taxi
    • For about US $50 to $100 US dollars you can hire a taxi and its driver to drive you around all day, for up to 8 hours.

    • Car Rental Services in Douala, Cameroun
    • Car rental services are provider by many multinational car rental companies such as Hertz, Avis and the like of them.

      Check our listing of reputable & Trusted car rental services in Douala, Cameroon.

    Car rental in Douala - Douala transport services.

    Car rental services are available. To hire a car, use our Douala Car rental service - for its security and safety , for all your car hire needs.

    Book a car rental reservation along with a hotel room if you need one.

    If you need a local driver one can be hired at extra charge.

  • Douala Railroad Transportation Service
  • Douala has a network of railroads link the maritime port city of Douala, Cameroon to Yaounde, Nkongsamba, the north and fra north provinces of Cameroon, Africa.

    Camrail (Cameroon Railroads) is the parastate company operating the Cameroon national railways. Connections tickets can be bought at the rail stations. The following cities and towns of Cameroon can be access from Douala by railroad:

    • Yaoundé - the capital city of Cameroon, Africa.
    • Nkongsamba, a city in western Cameroon.- a major agricultural center of Cameroon producing high volumes of cashcrops such as coffee beans, bananas, oil palm kernels
    • Kumba  - a major business town in Cameroon.
    • Ngoundere - the far northern states of Cameroon

  • Douala Seaport - Douala transport services
  • In addition to the above mentioned forms of Douala transportation services, Douala also operates a very busy maritime seaport which handles shipments for the landlock CEMAC member sub-saharan central African states.

    The Douala Seaport (Port de Douala - Transport maritime ; port autonome de Douala, Cameroun) handles over 95% of Cameroon maritime transport traffic.

  • Douala Bus Transportation services
  • Buses are some of the most efficient ways of getting around. Bus transportation in Douala is very organize as this is handled by the private sector and the competition is vicious.

    Given the layout of the city, you need travel to Bonaberi, Douala across the Wouri Bonaberi bridge to the Bonaberi motor bus park to get a bus for onward transportation to the West, South West or North West regions of Cameroon.

    However, if you are heading to the center provinces of Cameroon, say, Yaounde you will need to go to Akwa for buses heading to Yaounde.

    A very popular and preferred bus company by business expatriates in Douala is the American owned Le Car bus company.

    Check our list of various bus companies in Douala, Cameroon and the services they provide.

  • Douala Flight
  • Douala is home to a Douala international Airport. For a detailed discussion of airlines operating from Douala airport and to learn more about Camair - Cameroon Airlines visit this Douala flight page.

Douala Travel Warnings and Alerts

As is the case when traveling to other countries, as a foreigner it is very easy to stand out, even when unintended.

Try to minimize this, blend in. Avoid out of norm dresses. Avoid drawing undue attention. This is more a question of your manners and behavior than you skin color.

You need to be street smart in Douala. Many activities happening on the streets - selling, buying, begging etc. Do not get taken advantage of.

Avoid walking the streets at night unaccompanied and always use the services of a taxi after hours.

Avoid traveling with valuables. Play it safe and enjoy a memorable vacation in beautiful Douala, Cameroon.

Make good use of the above Douala transport services for your safety and ease of travel.

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