Douala, Cameroon West Africa
An Overview of the City of Douala.

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Douala Cameroon
An Overview of the Douala Akwa and Maritime Seaport Area in Douala, Cameroon, West Africa.

Overview and history of Douala, Cameroon, Africa

Doula is the most populous city in Cameroon, Africa,  the most expensive city in Africa (2009 & 27th in the world) and the main  port of entry to Cameroon. 

Located on the estuaries of the famous Wouri River, Doula is a vibrant seaport servicing the central Africa sub-Saharan region and some of the eleven member states of the CEMAC countries.

Get an overview of the Cameroon city of Douala. Learn about the location of Douala, how Douala city came about through Douala history and its glorious past.
Douala accomodation
Where to sleep? Great hotels and budget accomodations for all can be found allover the city. From the budget traveler to business professional, hotels here caters to all sorts on a daily basis. Learn more about the best hotels; from budget hotels in Douala to five star hotels - such as Pullman Akwa Palace Douala Hotel, Planet Hotel , Sawa and much more
Douala statistics - the population and ethnic diversity, Cameroon Africa With a population of close to three million inhabitants, the city is a bee-hive of economic activities in Cameroon.

All 250 plus ethnic groups of Cameroon are represented in the small quarters along with a mass expatriate foreign nations.

Famous amongst the non-Douala natives of Doula are the

Bamileke - very numerous in the city originating from the Bafoussam, Dschang areas and control most Cameroonian economic and business activities; the Bamenda - the major English speaking Cameroonian population inhabiting Bonaberi; and a Cameroonians from the northern region of Cameroon such as the Ngaoundere, Garoua regions
Learn the culture and ethnic make-up of Doula, Cameroon
Landmarks and famous people and places, Cameroon Doula
Plan on touring of the city? Find out the major landmarks, how to get your bearings just right as you navigate through the city of Douala.
Douala shopping centers Douala is host some of the best Cameroon shopping centers and largest open air and indoor African-style markets. On sale are food items locally grown and sold by the farms, arts work in speciality stores and clothing stores feature world brand name items. Visit these markets and shopping centers, opened 24/7, for all your shopping needs.
As an economic power house in the region, Douala's shopping centers are of very high quality compare to the rest of Cameroon. Find out the most-visit shopping spots of Douala
Education in Douala
Douala has a great many Cameroon schools. Learn more about the schools in Douala
Douala Economy
What keeps Douala's economy going? Find out by visiting the economic drive of Douala, Cameroon.
Douala climate and Douala Weather
January , July and August are the wettest months in Douala, Cameroon with a rainfalls of up to 800 mm in August and 4000 mm annually. Temperatures are pretty constant at a range of 24 to 26 ºC year round.
Sports and sporting activities in Douala, Cameroon
Many of Cameroon national football (soccer) players had to go through Douala. A good number of football schools are now up and running in Douala, minting out young soccer talents. Learn more about the sporting activities and venues in Douala, Cameroon africa.
Douala entertainment and Douala nightlife
While Yaounde, Cameroon Africa may claim to be the Capital of Cameroon, Douala is the powerhouse and center of activities in this african nation. A good old cliché: "Yaounde sleeps, Douala lives". From international cuisines, jazz music with an african flare, classic nightclubs with live bands to gourmet cafeterias you are sure to find what you are looking for in entertainment. Learn more about Douala restaurants, bars, nightclubs and movie theaters here. Or Learn more about the cost of living in Douala, Cameroon - Douala Africa City DOUALA, CAMEROON - AN EXPENSIVE PLACE TO LIVE IN.
Getting to Douala and around Douala
How to get to Douala, Cameroon? How to get about while in Douala, Cameroon. Getting there and about. Douala transportation system is very good. Yellow taxi cabs are easy to catch and are very cheap and efficient way of getting around the city of Douala. Douala also host a major Douala international Airport with daily flights from Europe and local air travel connections within Cameroon and other neighboring African nations. Learn more about Douala travel here - be it by Air, bus or taxi Find out cheap flights to Douala and Douala international airports Connect with great travel agencies directly for local travel plans and current travel deals.

Where to get Help in the City As a traveler you need to put in place a contingency plan, where to get help if you needed to. Get the contact details of various embassies, consulates, high commissions and diplomatic missions in Douala. Get visa renewal, passport services and other related help from these offices.
Learn what number to dial for medical emergencies and crimes. Need money? Find out the easier way to have access to your money while you tour this Cameroon city. See the our listings of best and most professional banks to deal with while here. Need a nanny - house help, cook, or babysitter? Read more on how to find a nanny to assist you while in Douala, Cameroon
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Stay connected, stay informed, learn more about Douala.
Want to get online - find the nearest cybercafé; learn more about the city? - visit the local municipal libraries; get mailing services - see the Douala central post office CAMPOST; or get to socialize with natives - find out the next Njangui house day

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