Driving(national Territory)

by Ngang Eric Nsoh

Name;Ngang Eric Nsoh

I am a professional driver with 22years of experience.My driver's licence carries the following categories;B,
BE, C, CE and D, DE respectively.I have been doing 4x4 renting since 2009.In July 2013,i i was employed in a mining company(COMPAGNIE MINIÈRE DU CAMEROUN) C.M.C,where i obtained the following;
-DIPLOME for defensive Driver(4WD-Four wheel driving)in remote difficult terrains
-Off Road Driving Recovery Course.
-off road principles and techniques
-Recovery Equipment and techniques.
-work Certificates
I am very much fmiliar with organisations like UNICEF,PLAN,C.H.A.I etc,because my company was working in colaboration with them.During my years of service as a driver,i have travelled to the four corners of the country and in most neigbouring countries.I am very much familiar with Cameroon roads network.I hard working and time conciouse person and can work work under pressure.I have been exposed to the various maintenance kits and i have skills in vehicle mechanics and recovery in case breakdown.I also have a good knowledge of the Cameroon Highway code which serve as my guide book when driving within the cities and on Highways.I am available to attend an interview at any time,or providto you moer information as you may require.Thanks for your kind considerationn sir.I look forward to hearing from you.

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