Education in Cameroon
The Cameroon Education System

Education in Cameroon.

Cameroon has two major distinctive education systems:

  • A french francophone Cameroon education system modeled after the french francophone system and
  • an english anglophone Cameroon education system modeled after the british anglophone system.

These models were put in place by the colonial masters - Great Britain and France.

The education in Cameroon is therefore not bilingual in the true sense of bilingualism as individuals only master their colonial system with little cross interaction with the other system even when both systems are on the same campus.

While many institution in Cameroon claim to be bilingual, they merely comprise of an independent none interacting anglophone and francophone system on one campus with graduates learning little to nothing from the other system.

The Anglo-Saxon system ( roughly 20% ) is practiced on the British colonial territory consisting of the South West and North West provinces of Cameroon and a few schools in Douala and Yaounde to carter for the anglophone population in the city area.

The francophone system (80%) is practiced by the remaining eight (8) provinces of Cameroon.

These systems were put in place by the Colonial masters and are still being practiced today with little adjustment if any.

In addition to these independent anglophone and francophone systems, efforts has been made to push for true bilingual institutions in Cameroon.

Few select government schools offer a third option on their campuses:

  • An anglophone section,
  • a Francophone section and
  • a Bilingual section.

Enrollment is very selective and graduates of such systems are truly bilingual, adding to the pride of the nation of Cameroon.

One such institution is the highly acclaimed Government Bilingual Grammar School in Molyko Buea.

The textbooks in use are constantly being revised for marketing purposes. Authors consists of Cameroonians, Nigerians, French and British with a few other Africans authors.

Education in Cameroon is supervised and administered by various Cameroon government ministries:

  • The Ministry of Basic Education (Tel. +237 2222 5176 / Fax +237 2223 0855 ) which dictates state policies and programmes for basic education comprising of Pre-school and Primary (Elementary ) Schools in Cameroon.

The Ministry of Secondary Education (Tel. +237 3222 1940 / Fax. 237 3222 2711) which dictates state policies on secondary and technical education, setting programmes and syllabi and assessments of secondary education in Cameroon.

  • The Ministry of Higher Education (Ministerial Block No. II, P.O. Box 1457, Yaounde, Cameroon. Telephone: +237 3 222 1370; Fax: +237 3 222 9724) which monitors higher education institutes in Cameroon.

  • Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation (Plateau Atemengue a cote de l'Ecole Normale Superieure ;
Cameroon, Telephone: +237 3 223 1650 Fax: +237 3 222 1336 )

  • Ministry of Sports and Physical Education (Yaunde ,
Cameroon, Telephone: +237 3 223 1201 )
  • Ministry of Youth Affairs (Yaounde , 
Cameroon. Telephone: +237 3 222 2292 Fax: +237 3 223 3813 )

  • English Education system in Cameroon

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    French Education System in Cameroon

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    Education in CameroonBuilding (to your left) of the Ministry Of Higher Education in the Capital of Cameroon, Yaounde, Cameroon.
    Photo Courtesy: Friel

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