EIFFAGE Construction Co. Ltd. CAMEROON. - Real or Fake?

by shaukat hayat

Limbe Guest House Ltd

Limbe Guest House Ltd

i have received a job offer from Cameroon Eiffage Construction Company.

Please let me know whether it is anthentic or fake? The job offer is follows

South West Region,
Republic of Cameroon.

Employment Status: GRANTED!

* Application #.: W050733.
* Program: Senior Electrician.
* Department: Construction.
* Level: 3.
* Names: Shaukat Hayat.

Dear Mr. Hayat.,

With accordance to your application form and supporting documents, you are hereby, offered a job position with the EIFFAGE Construction Co. Ltd. CAMEROON.

You will find the details of your job position below. You are therefore required to put in your best during your working period, as stated on your curriculum.

If the Company finds you incompetent in the position offered to you, the managing board will not hesitate to take necessary actions, as stated in your contract of employment.

Attached with this email, is your contract of employment. You are required to carefully read it and make sure you understand every details.

If you comply with the terms and conditions, governing your employment offer, kindly print out the document and confirm by signing at the space provided (on page 4), with respective date of signature.

Job Details:
- Program: Senior Electrician
- Department: Construction
- Level: 3.
- Actual working hours per day: 8.
- Actual working days per week: Mondays to Fridays.

Salary Package and Other such benefits: All payments are made in Dollar ($).

  • Salary Per Hour: $ 105.00 USD

  • Salary Per Week: $ 4,200.00 USD

  • Salary Per Month: $ 16,800.00 USD

  • Tax Deduction: 2%

  • Salary payable at the end of each working week. Two months advance salary payable at the end of first working Month.

  • Other Benefits: You will see on Contract form.

,b>Accommodation & Travel Arrangements:

- Your accommodation during your first two (2) months of work will be your sole responsibility.

However, you will be moved into the Company's residential quarters, after these two (2) months, provided you keep a good and satisfactory working record within the three (3) months of work.

As soon as you rent your apartment for the required two (2) months, it will serve as Proof of Accommodation, which is one of the required documents for processing your working/resident permits
in Cameroon.

- Its the Company's responsibility to issue visas and buy a round trip plane ticket for all employees outside Cameroon. Therefore, We will process your visa and pay for your round trip plane ticket to Cameroon, provided you meet all the other requirements.

*** Required Documents to Confirm Acceptance of Job offer:
Please confirm your acceptance of this job offer and forward the following additional documents.

- *Index page of Passport.
- *Scanned Copy of Driver License or ID (both front and back).

-Proof of Accommodation: Your can reserve an apartment from any state recognized apartment company in Cameroon and forward receipt as proof of accommodation to us.

Limbe Guest house Ltd. recommended for its closeness to the Company.

You can contact Limbe Guest House Ltd for Reservation.

Limbe Guest House Ltd

All requested documents should be forwarded as soon as possible as they are all relevant for the procession of your work permit.

As soon as we receive these documents, we shall forward your file to the immigration center for the procession of your visa/work permit.

The immigration Center shall then instruct the concerned Cameroonian Embassy to issue your Work Visa.The Embassy usually gives special considerations to Work Permit and Visa applicants with at least one month accommodation proof in the Country.

Also note that you have to be fast about reserving your accommodation.

You are required to sign and return your contract form to us as soon as possible, along with the above required documents.

As soon as we receive these documents, we will open your employee's file and forward them to the emigration office for your visa processing.

Our dedicated team is here to advise you on every query. We look forward to welcoming you to the Company.

Yours Sincerely,
Michael Light Robert,.
Recruiting Officer.
Eiffage Construction Co. Ltd.

Response to Limbe Guest House Ltd and EIFFAGE Construction Co. Ltd. CAMEROON. - Real or Fake?


I hope you did not waste your money on this scam. You will NEVER see any jobs.

Do you really think there are USD 17,000 jobs in Cameroon Africa being advertised on the internet in these manners? Wake up.

I advice you to cease and decease communications with these scammers.


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