fair elections

(Ndian, Cameroon)

President Paul Biya

President Paul Biya

President Paul Biya
Paul Biya And George W. Bush
Paul Biya of Cameroon
Paul BIya And Family

It rather unfortunate that Africans leaders are still primitive better still greedy, selfish and uncivilized but claim to be the most intelligent ones.

How can the same person rule for close to 28 years and still not willing to leave power. Constitutions of the country has been manipulated time and again to favour them stay in power.

I will proudly say i'm not one of those whose conscience has been bought.

Is Mr Biya the most clever Cameroonian?

Tell me why he should be using his corrupt notions destroy our reasoning.

Who are the members of ELECAM? Are they not your people you disguised to gain international name of an independent election body, lies.

Think well for it shall not work this time

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