Where to find Cameroonians in USA.

Want to find Cameroonians in the United States? Start here and get a sense of where Cameroonians reside in the United States.

Cameroonians are a very sociable people. This is a direct result of their cultural heritage. For this reason they tend to cluster. By so doing they enjoy shared-values and common interests.

Provided here is a listing of the population distribution of Cameroonians in the United States of America; by states (top 5), Metro areas(top 5), and cities(top 10). If you are in any of these cities, chances are you have been in contact with a Cameroonian.

Typically, in these cities, you will find Cameroonian restaurants, bars, nightclubs and lots of social activities going on within their community. Be it "born-house", graduation parties, weddings, funerals or just regular monthly social gathering of the community. You can use these opportunities to have a taste of the cuisines, culture, ethnic and language diversities in Cameroon. This is a great forum to ask your questions about Cameroon.

Distribution of Cameroonians in United States Of American, US, USA.

Population Distribution of Cameroonians By States:

  • Maryland,
  • District of Columbia,
  • Minnesota,
  • Virginia,
  • Georgia

Population Distribution of Cameroonians By Metro area:

  • Baltimore,
  • Minneapolis - st. Paul.,
  • Washington,
  • Houston,
  • New york,

Population Distribution of Cameroonians By Cities:

  • Rockville, MD
  • Washington, DC
  • Baltimore, MD
  • New York city, NY
  • Reston, VA
  • Minneapolis MN
  • Houston TX
  • Atlanta, Ga
  • Boston, MA
  • Miami, FL.

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