Dear sir,

Thanks for your reply,
for company:


TELEPHONE NO:237-94477531.

FAX NO:23733043078.

What is your company rule. Do you know that our next step shipping invoice document. We are waiting for your reply.i am not satisfy your previous email.

Because big companies do not misbehave.we have trusted with you and your company. please don't misbehave with me.you cannot fraud with me. because i hope so,if your company is fake.why you have dealt with me.

Buyer asked again for the shipping.please send me information loading.you have received S1100T/T payment thru western union.so why are you not send details.it is wrong for you.we are awaiting further proceed.please sir make the payment S1100 send back for me.

But i cannot payment for buyer.you know that i am commission agent.please sir i am requesting with you.please send me payment or shipping details.what is trust?it is trust so you have dealt with me.

All people is wrong in the cameroon country.i shall be helping you in this matter.what is your opinion this matter?Look sir,Truth is ever green.you know that poor people hardly make both ends meet these days.Always sympthise with the poor.I trust in God and do the right.

Do not hurt any bod's feeling.What is the matter?what is wrong with you?what are you doing now?Sham on you to treat a poor man so!you are requested to do this work.

please do this work.Character plays a very important role in man's life.Honesty commands respect and dishonesty brings down fall.please sir excuse me.i am waiting your reply asap.

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