forti boris

by Forti Boris

Cameroon a land of greatness .I first appreciate the president for his external biplomatic activities that have always lead this nation to prosperous eras his patience in handling internal subjects which was great in his early years of reign is rather detrimental for this age of rapid growth of persons, ideas , approaches and unemployment. Its a period of rapid accurate decision making and execution. Dear Mr president if there was a gift you really thought of giving your compatriots before leaving please let it be financial indepence, let Cameroon as a nation have its own currency as of my knowledge it entales a lot of sacrifice but that's no limitation for a person like u who is regarded as a natural candidate. His excellency make Cameroonians live in an era of meritocracy this will give more efficiency to all functional domains of our nation. Your Excellency many have become slave to money than to their conscience and integrity. Your exellency take our country back to federalism and start tapping out all the real potencial of each region this will be a great step for your 2035 dreams. I personally appreciate your effort in the enforcement of duty execution with transperency and honesty but your excellency the current effort is not all that effective or adequate because empowered people still easily forget what they stand for and concentrate on what they are out for. Reading the constitution gives you the ability to rectify this minor plight some still believe in your ability your exellency please take this into consideration.


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