The Cameroon Youth Initiative for National Development (CAMYIFOND) has been working since 2012 with the primary mission of improving lives and creating opportunities for underprivileged and disadvantaged children and adult youths in Cameroon.

By providing youths with opportunities to ; education, enjoyment of human rights, volunteer, execute agricultural projects, workshops, hands on trainings and talent competitions; we develop skills that are essential in giving them their daily bread, discipline, confidence and direction.

Allowing youths to express their full potential creates open doors for themselves as individuals and also provides practical and creative solutions to those in need of support and relief.

The violation of youth rights,lack of access to education and unemployment rate in Cameroon are seriously alarming with above 70% of the youths affected. With this in mind ,we have been organizing several capacity building workshops during which we have trained and empowered hundreds of young Cameroonians within the Northwest Region. Presently we are working on a project which is based on ‘’Enhancing the business Potentials of young entrepreneurs in Mankon Bamenda.We presently have 20 beneficiaries of the micro loan programme. This has helped many vulnerable youths raise capital for businesses.Most interestingly, many youths have become self-employed through this initiative and more is yet to be achieved.

In an attempt to attain our mission, we have developed a project on :A YOUTH RESOURCE CENTER IN THE VILLAGE OF MANKON BAMENDA which would help improve the livelihood
of vulnerable youths in Mankon village -Bamenda and its environs. Our aim is to equip the underprivileged youths with valuable skills in order to match their abilities with the opportunities in which they will excel. This resource center would be engaged in the following activities:

- Offering professional training on tailoring, hairdresser and handicraft, - offering a training on computer software and hardware maintenance for underprivileged youths, - Human right advocacy through workshops, - Literacy program for young adults, - Training the youth on entrepreneurial skills,-promoting gender equality through equal participation in all development activities, - providing mentorship ,guidance and disseminating information amongst the youth about happenings of their interest as well as generate the activities desired by them such as sports.

The budget is estimated at 10,550USD.

This long-awaited project is chosen amongst many others because it will be self sustaining after the first year of implementation and would be highly beneficial to the entire population as it would alleviate poverty.

It is on this note that we table before you this need for support/funds on this urgent and necessary youth project to be executed in English Cameroon or any other project you wish.
We are more than ready to forward you a full proposal of project and other valid documents you may desire for your examination before subsequently supporting us.

While waiting on your kind reply, we remain,

Yours Sincerely,


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