Getting a New Cameroon passport

how can i get a new Cameroon passport?

am a Cameroonian who left Cameroon because i could not find a job or even support my family, and as a result left the country with any document and now am living in Ghana and working as well but i need to get a passport to go back home.

please any useful infos? i will be glad.


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Its nice to hear that things worked out well for you and you can now take better care of your family.

I suppose you are trying to renew your passport, are you?

In this case, you will need to head to the nearest Cameroon embassy for this. Typically, Cameroonian embassy send this documents back to Yaounde, where the passport is then processed and shipped back to the originating embassy. It is a very confusing process, and take so much time.

Others have reported their passports and documents being lost by some embassies i.e Washington, D.C.

The best thing to do is board a flight back to Cameroon. Go to Yaounde and process all the necessary documents and obtain your passport. Its costlier but much more secured.

Reportedly, there are many officers are Province Police department in Yaounde promising to obtain you a passport in a day or two for a handsome bribe of FCFA 200,000, BEWARE!!!

In summary, start by calling the nearest embassy and having a chat with them. Explain you situation and work from there.

All the best,

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