Gold Export - Cameroon Gold Export Procedures

by Dave


I need to know the procedure of gold export in cameroon.

I would like to know to procedure for exporting gold from cameroon.

I am in touch with a seller, he told me that once they will send the goods for safe keeping, the ministry if mine procedure is that the buyer pays 25% and seller pays 75%.

The ministry will contact me directly and payment to be made to the ministry of mine account directly.

I want to know what are the procedures.

Please advise.


Response to Gold Export - Cameroon Gold Export Procedures.

Dear Dave:

Do not make a FOOL of yourself please.

Any money you send to Cameroon you will NEVER see it again, nor get any GOLD.

Do not be fooled by cheap prices that scammers use to lure you in to their schemes.


miles for

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