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Apr 20, 2012
Scam and Maroon so right!
by: Anonymous

Everywhere there wuold be great men, but they
always let their EGOs get the better of them.

Africa, not only Scameroon has great potential to
be the next BIG thing on Mother Earth, but its the guys at the top of the food chain, Heads Of States, that decide who gets what...

So the masses remain the masses and the silk shirted move on to heavy gold bangles.

Investors too wish to help and reciprocally receive investment benefits,... but the bureaucracy and the civil service departments to want "service" benefits,.. so its too costly to conduct the business and investors shy away from Government level Scams.

Good Luck Africa,

Apr 18, 2012
Fon Sheldon? - Yea I knew him
by: Ngong Chu Daisy

yeah that fon sheldon guy was so proud, he dated my friend briefly.

I thought he was really proud but some people said he is rather very gentle.

I confirmed that when I met him years back in Kumba.

He sounded very respectfull and gentle and now I heard he is in the USA, thats awesome.

I think I support the fact that he alweays was liked and popular, had his ways with women too,

there was also a guy called CHAM CHAM KEVIN whom I think was the smartest kid I ever saw up till now

he too I heard he is in Japan, those two guys were great back then I GUESS THEY ARE STILL....................

Aug 06, 2011
Great men of cameroon clear up the scameroon first
by: Anonymous

I should think that the writer is in Italy,where
the weather,food,the life is all vastly different
from the realities in Cameroon..
That's why cameroon is now known to Internet world as SCAMeroon...after they SCAM you they
MAROON you !!! SCAM and MAROON !!

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