Health For ALL - Physicians' Cry For Cameroon

by Frida

The fact that medical schools in Cameroon continue to train very small amount of physicians is sad.

Unfortunately, the situation is worsen by physician brain drain and incompetency.

The lack of well trained physicians in rural hospitals and even some urban hospitals is crazy.

I think nurses should be further trained to enable task shifting, rather than relying on physicians whose future is in another country.

Medical schools like CUSS should stop all these academic excellence (5As, or 25 points) and start admitting a vast amount of candidates to enable a large physician pop in the country.

The medical school investment in UB is a great approach and the government should continue establishing new medical institutions in other proviinces.

If the government can acknowlegde the need for physicians, it will revise its policies to trash issues that enable "pull" and "push" factors.

Unfortunately, phyisicians can not work with outdated equipments thus the need for a state of the art health care system.

Government hopital laboratories in Cameroon are outdated need repairs.

Several patients have reported infections after surgeries as a result of sanitary issues.

However, the fact still remains, the health care system in most developing countries have a long road to travel to define itself as Modern and "state of the art". CAMEROON IS NO EXCEPTION

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