Health Program Associate

Position Description:

Title: Program Consultant
Reports to: MFH Program Director
Location: Cameroon Preferred
Type: 15 hours per week (3 hours/day)

This consulting position will assist the Program Director with: developing reports requirements for MFH African projects; providing expertise for all MFH projects in the area of peri-natal (pre-natal care through a year old); performing project management tasks as needed for MFH Cameroon projects.

Reviewing and Analyzing Partner Project Reports
• Review and analyze project reports from the field on a quarterly basis for reasonability, accuracy, consistency and also for reasonability of explanatory information provided.
• Organize skype calls with Country Coordinators to discuss findings and to resolve any issues in accuracy of numbers and/or reasonability of explanatory info.
• Provide revised reports to PD; discuss and finalize reports.

Technical Assistance in the area of prenatal, birthing, neo-natal and infant care issues
• Review current MFH peri-natal practices and interventions and make recommendations.
• Review MFH project plans re peri-natal activities and make recommendations.
• Document partner peri-natal and infant practices and protocols in current MFH projects.
• Review related components of MFH project proposals as requested and provide suggestions for improvement of the quality of the proposals.
• Develop tools for monitoring and collecting data on peri-natal and infant related project goals, indicators and activities.
• Provide technical assistance to partners for the implementation of OBGY-related services.
• Assist partners with the evaluating and implementing effective OBGYN interventions.

Project Supervision and Monitoring
• Conduct field visits to monitor and supervise projects as needed in Cameroon.
• Assist partners with the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation plans re peri-natal project components.

• Meet with the MFH Program Director on a weekly basis.

Job Qualifications:

• Medical Doctor with OBGYN expertise (an MPH will be a ‘plus’)
• Strong English writing skills
• Excellent analytical skills
• Excellent skills in the use of excel
• Fluency in English , French
• 2 years of experience working with health projects

Interested candidates should send an email to admin @ medicinesforhumanity .org immediately as we are targeting to hire by the 15th of June, 2015.

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