History of Cameroon Africa - Did you know this?

by Irina

I want to share with you few little known facts about this African country which was formed back in 1961 by the unification of two colonies: a British and a French one.

One of the country's neighbors is Nigeria which Cameroon fought with due to the claim of property over an oil rich peninsula. In 2006 Cameroon was granted sovereignty over the peninsula.

I found interesting to learn that Cameroon has the highest literacy rate in all Africa but the country is severely affected by corruption.

The first European to arrive to Cameroon were the Portuguese, back in the years 1500's. Due to malaria, European settlements were not at all thriving and only in 1870 the territory was conquered.

It was due to the arrival of quinine which fought malaria. The first Christian mission established in the 1900's and now 40% of the population is Christian.

My daily work allows me to get in contact with people that make holiday plans and I can tell how enthusiastic people come back from remote African countries, just as Cameroon is.

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