How fake is this company details STE

by katerina

Sté Ledford Cam

Carrefour Ndokoti, Douala
Opp. Tradex Filling Station
Douala - Cameroon
Tel: 00237 666 597 256
E-mail: -

This is the company that works and asks for big orders of products

We have send the samples and they want us to pay registration fees, but after pressure we have their email telling us that the will copy our products!!

of course they have tried to take money from us and samples to copy our products

we have emails and we like to make contact with local authorities.


Hi Karina:

I wouldn't advise you to contact Cameroonian authority - embassy/consulate or any agency in Cameroon. It will be a total worst of your time and money.

I would suggest you contact the Greece foreign ministry and the european union agency that handle international trades. They have much leverage than you and I.

I am glad you didn't send any money to these guys, very smart of you.

BTW: Love Greece Islands, hidden vacation spots.

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