How i confirm the legitimacy of a Cameroon exporter specialised in Ginger and Garlic

by Hamid

Cameroon Agricultural produce

Cameroon Agricultural produce

Cameroon Agricultural produce
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Yaounde, Capital of Cameroon Africa
Yaounde, Cameroon


I am from Italy, in Europe. I want to buy Garlic, ginger and turmeric from Cameroon, Africa.

Last month i tried to find a real agricultural exporting company in Cameroon but with little success. The only exporter I got in touch with turnout to be a scam.

After making contacts with the said exporting company in Cameroon Africa, I proceeded to investigate the Company in Cameroon through the Cameroonian embassy and found out that it was a scam.

So i am here to find out how to get in touch with reputable Cameroon Agricultural exporters to do business with.

We need a large volume of the above mentioned products and would greatly appreciate a local partner based in Cameroon, Africa as our main supplier base.

Please leave me you thoughts and comments. Any suggestions, whatsoever, will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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