How I Got Scammed for What Was Supposed To Be a COD Cameroon Purchase. Camex-Logistics.

by Elizabeth Holt
(Durham, NC, USA)

What do you think?
I thought I was being smart by asking for the purchase from Camex-Logistics to be sent COD. Boy was I wrong. I was scared into sending more and more money from getting Customs and FDA emails threatening me. Now it's $15,000 later and I'm broke and they 'need' another $1000 to open a corporate bank account so I can get paid a claim from Camex-Logistics.

Why do people get scammed?
Believing in scare tactics. Hoping to get what money you gave paid to the scammers back.

Have you ever scammed someone? How much money have you made from scamming? How did you feel after you first successful scam?

Do you know of any scammers? Are you related to any of them?
Not personally. Only the ones that scammed me.

How successful and lucrative is the scamming business? Would you ever consider to scam someone so as to make ends meet?
It appears to be very lucrative. No, I wouldn't ever scam anyone.

Do you think scamming can be justified? How?

Whatever your views on scamming, what do you think will bring and end to scamming ?
People like me that have been scammed reporting scams to make others aware.

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