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Just to see my President
by: Ngwa Concilia Mankaa

Good day my dearest President of Cameroon.

You have been a great president so far. I just want to know the real person in the name of Mr Paul Biya, aside from being the president.

I just want to know if, you are who people say you are or there is more of you and people don't know.

As a father, do you shout at your kids; do you punish them;


as a husband, do you quarrel with your wife like any other husband will do;

I want to know if you get angry when we Cameroonians criticize you; who is really my President.

We the young generation need a story about our president.

Have you thought of writing a story like this one day.

I would like to listen to your worries one day and why not even write them down for your descendants to read it, in generations to come.

It might be crazy that am thinking about this during a crisis period like right!

But instead, it is the crisis that got me thinking about all of this.

My greatest dream is to sit with you face to face someday and we discuss about this all day long.

And the truth is, I have that believe that it would come to reality someday.


Love You

From Your Cameroon daughter


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