How to check if this is genuine?

We would like to find out the genuineness of an order we have suddenly received without making any contact with a company /agent based in Cameroon.

We are an exporter of rugs from (India).

We received an inquiry by email for export of floor rugs & foot mats, to which we reponded after a lot of deliberation. There have been 2-3 emails exchanged after the initial business inquiry was received & quite surprisingly our quotations were accepted as is without any questions & a proforma invoice was requested from us. We now have a HUGE order which has been confirmed & we are told it is a government order of foot mats for schools. The value is very big & the Proforma Invoice acceptance bears a stamp & signature of a govt body/institution.
The person who contacted us by email claims to be an agent who works on commission basis & wants his commission to be paid at the end ,once the order is shipped which seems like a fair approach . BUT, the size of the contract/order is making us suspect that it could be a scam. Pls advise.

We would like to know if this company is genuine & exists as a ligitimate business entity.
ETS Giant Step Sarl
No.14 Rue Bansal, Bonapriso
Douala, Cameroon
Ph: 00237 652448110

Thank you!

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