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by: Anonymous

hi.. i've got offer from river sand for construction from cameron which is USA base company through online.

They informed me that if i don't have registration pass from chamber of commerce of cameroon, they can't import my product.

They give me the address as follow;

Cameroon Chamber of Commerce
lot 1A Kiira Road
P.O.Box 3809 Douala - Cameroon
Tel: 23770090629
Fax: 237 (0)22-255202
Email: cameroonchamberof_commerce @

Because their reply were mention to paid USD600 for comporsy fees to issued pass. without paid, no issued. please do let me know is it correct or not?

buyer deails for checking :
Telkar co ltd from Texas.

construction company from USA Texas based in cameroon.

address : BONABERI
TEL: 74406302

please advice to chonwenator @

My Response

I am not sure what you are asking about. But this is clearly a scam. If you have USD 600 to throw away, go ahead.

What kind of chamber of commerce will be be writing you using bad english and a yahoo email address?

Check with the embassy in DC if you care to

All Company from Cameroon is SCAM
by: Anonymous

Please don't pay in advance for sample or courier or for buy Oil from Cameroon. Every peoples from Cameroon is a BIG SWINDLER. Cameroon don't have to sale OIL. If you have a real offer from Cameroon, please pay only arrive your goods in CIF Port destination.

You Must Contact The Company You Want To Buy From
by: Anonymous

You most contact the company you want to buy from , they will help you in doing the registration .

by: Bashar Robin.

IF you want to register in to chamber of commerce, the things u have to do that you have to prepared all you company documents.

if ur company is in cameroon or u want to establish your business in cameroon then you have go to the chamber of commerce dept. in Younde (Capital).

if ur company in any other region you can contact with the govornor of that state or u can contact with mayor.

recently i had work in cameroon.

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