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St. Clair mining, Nkam Jean Marie doubling down on his fraud and attempting to steal more money.

The real government has now confirmed that this man is a criminal and also the other people working with him.

The real government of cameroon has sent me an email saying that I need to report these people to the police. I will list again the scammers names below.

Nkam Jean Marie
St. Clair mining
Henry Asong Asongayi fake government diplomat
Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry fake government mine secretary
Philip Martin Ngi fraud company manager ALS
Mrs: Lucie Edou Meva'a fake government secretary
Mr. David Burton scammer attorney says he's from UK
Kelvin John scammers attorneys son name he uses

real cameroon government response to me pasted below

Good afternoon.

Please contact the Cameroonian police directly to officially report this crime. And we advise you to interrupt any business dealings with those individuals.


Consular Section
Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon
3007 Tilden Street NW, Suite 5M
Washington, DC 20008 - United States of America
1 (202) 265-8790 Ext. 113 or Ext. 303

njimbee apartment and rentals, chin christabel wiyfengla is scamers from rue16 bonapriso,douala,cameron,+237
by: Anonymous

njimbee apartment and rentals,

i send money for my reservation in their apartment i did not revieve any receipt of proof of reservation.

cameroonians are all scamers?

That is the attitude of black curly people!

chin christabel wiyfengla is scamers from
rue16 bonapriso,douala,cameron,+237


sorry for the lost of funds. Cut your losses and learn your lesson and move on!

Next time, if its too good to be true, then it just might be!

by: Anonymous

i was also just scammed out of 75 dollars for a cat

Cameroon Scammer: Binde Anastasia Kaking
by: Yuliya

Good day Sir/Madam,

I also wanted to buy a kitten from Cameroon from Binde Anastasia.

The delivery agents say that my puppy is in the airport in the Boulgaria , in the quarantine.

I'm attaching all the documents they gave me.
I have already sent 248 dollars.

At first I knew that I need to pay 90 $ then 158$ (refundable for the cage), then for the insurance 1015$.

Please can you check all the data I have sent and tell me what I can do.

I really want just to get all money that I have sent.

I have sent money to:
Receiver's Names : Binde Anastasia Kaking

Country: Cameroon

Zip code: 00237

State: Douala

City: Akwa

I'm very appreciate for help.
Waiting for the answer.
Thank you


Kiev, Ukraine

Cameroon - read more about Cameroon Africa International scam by Cameroon person

Scammers tarning the image of our country
by: Joseph veyant

It is clear that this person has lost her money to another scam. Scammers as they call themselves are doing great damage to the image and credibility of Cameroon abroad.
Cameroon and all Cameroonians are viewed as potential criminals the world over. No one wants to do business with Cameroonians.
So please Cameroonians do not abate the activities of these criminals

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