is cameroon really bilingual?

by Ndome

Cameroon is officially known to be a bilingual country but in practice it isn't.

Since he took power on 6 november 1982, president Paul Biya has never made his new year's day, youth day and national day's speech in english.

His goverment constantly marginalises anglophone cameroonian by reserving key ministries to the francophones.

ministries like territorial administration, defence, finance are reserved for francophone.

if you enter most ministries in yaounde and speak english, all you will get is "je n'attend pas l'anglais" (i don't understand english).

most presidential and ministerial decrees are published only in french even in the english speaking part of the country.

the police, customs and arm forces are not bilingual.

their training is entirely in french and no effort is put for them to be bilingual.

in most case you will get to a police station or military camp even in the english speaking part of the country and discover that most of the officers don't english.

the most disgraceful issue is at the douala international airport where a cross section of those working there can't speak english and the few that do are mostly anglophone.

It's actually a disgrace to say Cameroon is bilingual!!

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