Is There a List Of Villages In Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa?

Cameroon Yaounde

Cameroon Yaounde

Cameroon Yaounde
Yaounde Cameroun Africa
Yaounde market - Central Market  in Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa

I'm trying to trace my ancestral roots which apparently go back to Yaounde, Cameroon in Africa.

My father told me that he is a Camerounian but I was born in Nigeria, Africa along with my siblings and my mum is a Nigerian.

I have never been to my fathers home town neither have I seen any of his blood relations.

I am old enough to be married and as it is, I intend to visit to my home town and I am scared.

Is my father a ghost or a living dead?

He said he is from Song Pua village in Yaounde, Cameroon but he has not been home since about 30yrs.

Can any one help? Please.

I can't find his travel papers ( International passport ).

I would appreciate any suggestions or advice you - reading this, may offer to me.

Thank you

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