by AbduL karim Mmamuda
(Yaounde Cameroon)

Good day,i'm an A level graduate in Cameroon offering economics, geography.

I am seeking for a holiday job because i'm responsible for the payment of my school fee.

i'll be very greatfull if i can find a job which involves management in yaounde.

Thanks,i'm impatiently waiting for your answer.

Response to High School Student Job Seekers

Dear AbduL karim:

Thank you for contacting us and laying down your pressing issues of job and employment opportunities.

Jobs are very scares and few not just in Cameroon but the world over. The situation in Cameroon is worst, but with some small creativity I was able to make my way out.

I spend my time hauling goods in the market for people and although it did not pay much but it kept me in school.

Other times I sold whatever i could find, including my produces from the farms i cultivated on weekends.

Even if you found a job, you will need to pay for Taxi fares, eat, dress for the job, etc and all that for FCFA 50,000.

I found this amount of pay to be unacceptable and decided to do something for myself.

I would strongly encourage you to look around you and think in those terms and you will earn much more than those of your friends looking for a job where there isn't any.

All the best


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