by biya

Stop this foolishness.

Stupid gov't.

You treat your own citizens like boko haram, extremists and you politicize like good people.

Who are you playing games with?

You are killing Southern Cameroonians, maiming, abducting, and killing them yet you want me to travel to your crazy country?

I will discourage people from travelling biya's corrupt country.

Francophone's are extremists and the boko haram who are using the military help the American gov't gave them to kill the Anglofphones and tell lies to the world that all is well.

I have asked the American gov't if the help they gave Cameroon to kill boko haram was meant to kill Anglophones.

People cannot send money to sent children to school or simply for food because there is no internet.

Is that a good gov't?

issa tchroma and fame ndongo who will have your pay from God trust me.

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