Mr. AMBE JOSEPH AMABO A Cameroon Scammer confesses The confession of a Cameroon Fraudster.

by Admin

Surprisingly, i received this rather lengthy text sms message this morning from Cameroon using a US number.

Basically, it sounds like a confession regarding scamming activities from Cameroon. In return for his confession, he wants me to take off his name from the Scammers list on

It leaves me wondering what maybe happening back in Cameroon to people whose names are listed here.

Are families really putting that much pressure on them to stop these type of activities?

What do you suggest I do, as the site administrator for - delete his name or keep it on the list?

Here goes the letter:

Letter from Mr. AMBE JOSEPH AMABO to

Hello Admin:

I wanted to inquire a question form you about cameroon-today,com

I have done a lot of scam work and i really regret it because i have hurt so many innocent people both abroad and in my country Cameroon.

I am a Cameroonian currently in USA but i want to let you know that i am not into such again. It was a stepping stone for me to finance myself and get here and now, i have continued schooling and i have a small job

Now, my problem is, when i was in Cameroon i used to lie some some boys who do not even have concern for scamming and they never knew I was one.

All they do is go to the western union and collect money for me innocently.

I was so guilty when i saw the name of these boys as a scammer reported on your site at

Comments - Cameroon Vonn Construction Company

Vonn Construction Company

I beg you, that boy is a pastor's son. He did not even know the real sources of the money because of the lies i fed into him. If his father gets to see this am sure he will be in trouble.

I do accept that the company i ran was fake, but i closed it my self before coming here.

Please if you could please take off just the boys name, then i will be glad that my change was for a reason.

Please do this for the sake of a repentant. I am 32 years now and that boy Joseph should be 19 or 20 by now. please... he is innocent.

please, i await a reply

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