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Muslim food enterprise - Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for the information, i had my suspicions but now i am sure.

I am at a lost now, is there no company in cameroon that does legit business with poultry?

Response To Muslim food enterprise - Thank you

You are welcome, glad to have saved you money. It was a smart thing for you to double check.

There are legit companies in Cameroon. I know of a few companies specialize in this industry but due to low competition, they usually have more demands than they can supply.

For an export point, i am not too sure that will make any sense, because the few companies can not meet local demand that poultry importers to Cameroon still endup making a handsome profit.

Unless you are looking for a specific breed or free-running chicken breed i do not think this will be at all profitable.

I know this sounds contrary to the advertised jaw-dropping-cheap pricing you see on those scam rich sites, but that is how these scammers lure you into to get your money.

I will look and check to see if i can make contact with legit poultry companies to confirm the above stated assumptions about pricing.

All the very best in your business ventures.

Kind regards, team

Muslim Food Enterprise - Fake or Real
by: Anonymous

The company name is Muslim Food Enterprise.

They have given me the ISO certificate (22000:2005) with certificate number DNKFRC92502H.

The adress for the company is 15 Meta Road, Bameda North West Region - Cameroon.

Thank you for your time.

Response to Muslim Food Enterprise - Fake or Real

Dear Arsen:

This is a fake company and it is in your interest to cease communicating with them complete.

Nothing is correct about the information you submitted

Best of Luck

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